Just as they enjoyed interacting with their cats during the two-year coronavirus lockdown, Parisians are eager to travel again.

If you don’t care about booking a cat hotel in Paris, it’s a hat.

All 24 “contemporary and comfortable” cubicles at the Albrea-a-Chats (Cats Tree) Hotel are fully booked, so prospective guests should book well in advance.

“Unlike last year, we are fully booked from the end of February to August this year,” says hotel owner Veronica Colson.

Cat owners can rediscover the joy of travel, whether cats snooze on the couch, sit on a wooden climbing structure in the shape of a central tree, or observe street life from a ledge by the window. The hotel is in full swing.


Photo: arbrechatparis.com

According to the hotel’s website, “Each cat client has a comfortable, clumpy, and odorless litter box.

Prices for 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 nights range from €40/€45 per night in low/high season to €1,116/€1,120.20 for 30 nights. If cats share a room, they are cheaper.

Food, water, care and a ‘brushing/holding station’ are included in the price.

“We needed a cat hotel where we were confident he could get medicine and treatment. It’s done here without a problem,” says Pet Monte Cristo before dropping off on a regular trip. said Anne-Marie Grataloop.

In true Parisian style, our hotel offers ‘a la carte’ services such as massages, brushing and transfers. Services include a daily flea treatment (€8), a pot of catnip (€5) or a gentle massage and brushing (€10).

As a bonus, the hotel management will send the owners pictures and messages twice a week about what the cats are eating and how they are getting along with other guests.

“It’s like when the kids are at summer camp. Wouldn’t you like to know how they’re doing?” Colson said.

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