Opposition politicians in parliament form an extraordinary majority ordering the government to reduce the long waiting times for new passports in Norway. They hope that the Ministry of Justice will increase the opening hours and staff of police passport offices.

Many Norwegians want to be able to extend their old expired passports like these now. Instead, you had to get a new one, which now has different designs and features. Photo: Utdannings departmentet

The Center Party’s Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Meer must meet the demands of Parliament. However, she warned against raising the false hope of speeding up passport issuance. The French company Thales, which currently manufactures Norwegian passports, continues to face a serious shortage of specialty papers and components that guarantee security features.

Norwegians have been involved in passport turmoil since they first emerged from the Corona crisis. Not only did many passports expire during the crisis, but corona restrictions made it difficult to renew passports, causing many obstacles for companies designing new Norwegian passports and creating passport booklets. I faced it.

At the same time, after two years of corona restrictions, thousands were ultimately enthusiastic about traveling abroad, and many arranged their trips before they knew there was a significant delay in their passports. There is a growing panic about travelability among people who book expensive flights and hotels abroad.

There are also thousands of new Norwegian citizens after dual citizenship was finally granted in 2019. Many of them require a Norwegian ID card provided by their passport. Especially if you are obliged to submit a previous residence permit.

Police appealed to file an appeal To give up on those who have booked a passport application if they do not need to travel within the next few months. That way, others in need of a passport can line up more urgently.But people who have been waiting for promises for months are already selling their places in line until such suspicious legitimate sales are stopped by public online advertising services. Is unlikely to give up fin..

It all leads to dissatisfaction and recognition that the state suddenly became unable to provide citizens with the passports needed to prove their citizenship. “The state was unable to provide residents with the documents required by the state to travel across national borders,” commentator JoMoen Bredeveien wrote in the newspaper. Dagsavisen Wednesday, just as Norway had begun a long Ascension Day holiday. “That’s just that ridiculous thing.”

He pointed out how it is “worse” after the population has been “cooperated” in Corona for two years and longed for an adventure abroad. While waiting with his family in Trondheim, which is a bit shorter than Oslo, police officers actually started handing out ice cream bars to cheer people up.

On the other hand, the message from the passport authorities is clear. Unless you have a valid passport, you must not prepaid for non-refundable international travel. The delivery time after the application is approved is currently 7 weeks and is expected to increase further in the future. According to the news agency NTB, the passport surge is not expected to ease until October or November.

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