Sharon Hogan’s name in the credits of any series is always reason enough to talk about. , was shown on Channel 4 under the title The Out-Laws.

Organ, who has written several scripts, stars as Eva, whose sisters are Ursula (Eva Berthisl), Vivi (Sarah Greene with the eyepatch), Becca (Eve Hewson) and Grace (Anne-Marie Huson). Duff).

They gather for the funeral of Grace’s husband John Paul (Cress Bang).

The Cluffin brothers (Brian Gleeson and Darryl McCormick) are a pair of insurance company investigators who suspect that John Paul’s death was no accident.

There are two timelines, one following the Cluffins investigation and the other covering the preparations leading up to John Paul’s death. Ten episodes, the first two of which are available now, expect him to be blacker than his sister’s funeral outfit.

there are more kills Cleo (Netflix), a German series set shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Jera Haase plays the eponymous spy who tries to erase everyone who betrayed her. is being compared with Kill Eve.

I hope this refers to the great first season rather than the terrible ones that followed.

our life (BBC1, 7:30pm) is a self-contained 30-minute documentary series that tells the extraordinary story of 33 Leeds families who come up with novel ways to overcome soaring real estate prices. They decided to build their own residential neighborhood. It’s a painstaking process that requires everyone to fully agree on every stage of development.


Alex Brooker and Scarlett Moffat Go Birdwatching

Alex Brooker is busy tonight.ahead of his weekly stint last leg (Channel 4, 10pm), he will start a new four-part series. Hobbyman (Channel 4, 8pm), which is basically travel man A form of replacing holidays with hobbies. He explored chess, birdwatching, and homebrewing with Scarlett Moffat.

Talented composer Danny Elfman’s name is known to most for his long creative partnership with Tim Burton. Simpsons.

BBC Proms (BBC4, 8pm) presents Burton’s new work. Wonder comma, It translates as “Cabinet of Curiosities” and was performed by the British National Youth Orchestra. They also play a magnificent tune by George Gershwin. Rhapsody in Blue.

video of the day


Paul Newman commissioned hundreds of hours of taped interviews to plan the autobiography he never wrote. The actor burned the tape — he apparently decided it was too revealing — but the transcript remained.

Now actor, director and novelist Ethan Hawke has turned them into a special six-part series. last movie star (Sky Documentaries, 9pm) was critically acclaimed when it recently aired on HBO.


Joanna Woodward and Paul Newman

This is a lavish introduction to the life, career, and long marriage of Newman and his second wife, Joanna Woodward, two very talented, intelligent, and complex people, through film clips and archival footage. Honestly, I’ve seen it intimately (there’s always been a brutally unflattering home movie of Newman, boozy, deep in his cup), Talking Heads and, most importantly, George Clooney and Laura. These are the words of Newman and Woodward themselves, as told by Linney.

This is definitely the series that everything else tonight, and possibly everything else this weekend, will have to compete against.

Another Spanish-language series emerges in a landscape peppered with supernatural-atmosphere psychological thrillers. girl in the mirror (Netflix).

Mireia Oriol plays Alma, a teenager who wakes up in the hospital after a bus accident with no memory of what happened or anything of her past. She tries to find some answers.

i didn’t stick state of happiness (BBC4, 9pm & 9:45pm), a drama about how offshore oil discoveries changed Norwegian communities in the 1970s, but if so, a second set years later. That’s when it became clear that the season was safe. It’s not on most people’s list of primary concerns.


The death of Princess Diana 25 years ago continues to fascinate documentarians.tetralogy Diana’s Investigation: Death in Paris (Channel 4 at 9pm) defies the conspiracy theories and the sickening chatter of the usual royal hanger-ons. Instead, look at the police investigation and talk to the officer who worked on it. Second episode tomorrow.

at least princess (Sky Documentaries, On Demand), which landed a few days ago, but it’s nothing entirely new.


New documentary examines the life of Princess Diana, who died in Paris 25 years ago

There is no shortage of fascinating new insights at the end of a great work Afghanistan: Escape (BBC2 9pm).

Here they are from Washington-backed Afghans. They were left bitterly betrayed after America, promising them Westernization, progress and protection, turning around and opening negotiations with the dastardly Taliban.

But if that’s just a little relief you want, you could do much worse than Part 2. The Adventures of Alan Carr with Agatha Christie. (plus 4pm, 9pm). This week, Agatha Nuts Her Alan looks at what inspired her to create Miss Her Marple.

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