Sir Patrick Stewart urged the MSP to uphold a new Scottish law that legalizes assisted suicide.

The X-Men and Star Trek actors have issued a video message that end-of-life people should not be forced to end their lives in pain.

“Dying people should not be forced to take drastic steps to travel to other countries to take their lives,” he said.

“They should choose to die at home on their own terms.”

The Scottish Liberal Democratic Party’s MSP Liam McArthur, who had previously submitted a bill that would allow end-stage illness and mentally competent adults to end their lives, “turned the tide” in support of suicide aid. It’s on the way. “

He hopes to officially introduce the assisted suicide bill early next year, making it the third attempt to legalize assisted suicide in Scotland.

MacArthur wants to introduce assisted suicide as an option for terminally ill and mentally competent adults, and says his bill incorporates strong protective measures.

However, the MSP said, “This issue is a matter of disagreement and strong emotions on both sides.”

He promised to “take a pragmatic approach and listen to those who have concerns or questions or who are strongly supportive.”

Today’s video

He said he believed that MSP would support it and make Scotland the first place in Britain to legalize assisted suicide.

Sir Patrick, who previously campaigned for this cause, urged people in a video message to sign a Dignity in Dying petition to submit a bill allowing assisted suicide in terminally ill and mentally competent adults. I did.

“People dying in Scotland should not be forced to die in pain against their hopes,” he said.

“I’m asking Scottish Parliamentarians to support Liam McArthur’s assisted suicide bill.”

MacArthur said changing the law to allow assisted suicide is an “opportunity to grasp” and a summary of the talks’ responses will be released when Holyrood returns after summer vacation. It’s a schedule.

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