Race 1 (1,000M)

(2) YGRITTE looked like a winner before being caught in another useful species last time. Superfit, she can make a victorious poly debut from Plumgate.

(1) WULFSTON also won the runner-up in the last two starts, but the pace was off. Hopefully a sharper 1,000m won’t catch him. He has Gate 1.

Rookie and stable companion (3) The trainer’s comments on OLVERSTON are very positive and he could be a follower.

(7) SEATTLE GREENLIGHT met a decent field at its Highveld debut. He may have improved during the three-month break.

Race 2 (1,200M)

(6) LADY CHOCOLAT and (3) BRIGHT STAR have valuable racing experience. They should have every chance. Mrs. Chocolat may have been a little too early last time. She was able to do her best on her long journey of poly debut. Bright Stars have been raised further, but are well depicted.

(8) ENID’S GIRL is better than the previous run and runs well on Poly, so I have to take it seriously.

Race 3 (1,700M)

(5) PETEA was a costly flop when it was the second time in its poly debut. He was racing after the break, so good improvements are expected.

(11) DUKE OF AFRICA ran well to finish off at Peteca’s third start. He has room to beat this field, but he draws more broadly.

(8) LIKETHECLAPPERS first showed something, but has been resting for quite some time.

(7) The action stations are lightweight and displayed on poly.

Race 4 (1,900M)

(9) ELUSIVE DREAM won enough to suggest that she would come more. She should be suitable for a long journey, but she has a wide draw.

(8) DAMOVA showed a good pace in Highveld and was able to enjoy Polytrack.

(11) WEDDING BLISS is knocking on the door. She can make the second compensation since her poly debut. But she draws very broadly.

(4) DIAMOND SNDOLLARS looks like an upset material.

Race 5 (2,000M)

(3) WITH PLEASURE made a fair Poly debut not far from the Poly Specialist. (4) GALABIER. He should have come and drew well. The Col du Galibier failed to win a hat-trick. He should run another cracker before.

(11) AL BUGATTI was able to acquire a maiden in style and challenge the lead.

(2) Straight up and (1) PAPA C will run better in stronger races and enjoy a faster pace.

Race 6 (1,400M)

(8) MR MASTER STARTER has won two bounces since moving. He will go out to maintain his undefeated record in Poly.

(3) PRICELESS RULER seems to have lost his way on the lawn. Well pulled back to synthesis, he was able to find the best shape. He claims a 4kg apprenticeship.

(4) Last time, TREAD was too late. He is also poly and dangerous.

(7) BORN TO PERFORM has a lower rating and may pop up suddenly with decent odds.

Race 7 (1,000M)

(2) STAR ACT is not ashamed of her name, and Poly may be even better. She draws well and may be able to catch her.

(8) AUNTY LIZZY was impressed by the tremendous speed of the last time, but there is still much work to be done.

(6) Ride the Lightning should be fast paced, so you can pick them up one by one. She may still be underestimated.

(7) ANCIENT EPIC may have stopped coup d’etat and climbed due to her connection with a simple victory.

Race 8 (1,200M)

(10) DOUBLE DREAM came from the clouds to win the debut, and can be anything. She could do the same with her handicap debut.

Trainer Dennis Dryer has (2) Maiden’s Prayer and (3) Diamond Girl and a strong hand. The Maiden’s Prayer was disappointing last time, but it is well drawn and can be compensated. A diamond girl who is impressed by the powerful finish and is trying to complete a hat-trick. Both are drawn from Double Dream.

(5) It was late to get there, and the 2.5kg apprentice claim could see her sign a contract.

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