Peter Dinklage is the latest Hollywood star to join the cast of The Hunger Games’ first part, The Hunger Games Ballad.

His award-winning actor plays Kasca Highbottom, the academy’s dean in an adaptation of Susan Collins’ best-selling novel.

He joins Rachel Zegler and Tom Brice, playing Lucy Gray Baird and young Coriolanus Snow, respectively.

The story is set many years before an existing movie event where Snow, who became the tyrannical president of Panem, is still a teenager.

With the upcoming 10th Hunger Games, he was assigned to the leader of Baird, a poor girl in District 12, the area where Katnis Eva Dean will grow a few years later.

But after Baird ordered all of Panem’s attention by singing rebelliously during the reaping ceremony, Snow thinks he might be able to change the odds in his favor.

Produced by Lionsgate, the film will debut in cinemas around the world on November 17, 2023.

The addition of Dinklage to the cast was announced by Nathan Kahane, president of Lionsgate’s film group.

“We couldn’t get excited about the cast coming together to welcome Peter Dinklage to Panem because of the production in progress,” said Kahane.

“Peter is not a fan’s favorite actor who brings an overwhelming presence to every part he plays. He is one of the best actors alive.

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“He will bring formidable charismatic authority to the important role of the academy’s dean.”

Francis Lawrence added: “Dean High Bottom is one of the most powerful figures in Snow’s life.

“As the rigorous and compelling face of the game, he sets the rules that determine every aspect of Coriolanus’s destiny.

“I’m excited about Peter bringing him back to life.”

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