The Perch, Synnott Row, Phibsborough, Dublin 7 Suggested price: € 475,000 Agent: Owen Reilly (01) 6777100

Andrew Hayden and his wife Shannon O’Dowd purchased The Perch at Synnott Row in Fibsbara. This was a dilapidated warehouse that was previously used to store goods from the stores in the building behind it.

But when they bought it with the intention of turning it into a dream home, they knew little about the secret room hidden behind it.

The bonus basement is accessible today with a spiral staircase hidden behind the walls of the dining room. Now it’s a cozy TV room that can also be used as an office.


Another view of the basement

The store is now a Turkish barber shop and the warehouse has been transformed by a couple into a fashionable 775-square-foot two-bedroom two-bedroom pad in the city center.

Andrew of Dalkey in Sydney and Shannon of Manly first met at the Crystal Nightclub on Harcourt Street in Dublin and got married in 2016.

Andrew works for a real estate promotion company and first came across a warehouse while searching the internet to find a house in Fibsbara.

Shannon was working for an airline at the time, and the area provided easy access to the airport. “We were looking for something we could afford, but we managed to find it for € 175,000,” says Andrew. “Fortunately, it already had a building permit, so we decided to turn it into a home.”

They hired Brendan Money from RMA Architects, and their first port of call was to strengthen the walls of the era’s buildings with steel. Next, I planned to add an interior wall and create a room in what would otherwise have been a shell.

But to my surprise, they noticed that an extra room was hidden under the floor. “The builders started to open everything. They were digging the floor thinking it was hard concrete. They called me one day and said,” Andrew, I know there’s a room here. Are you? ” There was a basement we didn’t know because it wasn’t included in the plan. “

They first plumbed its depth by dropping a coin into the gap that first appeared on the floor when it was pulled up.

There was nothing there, but the extra room, which was likely to have been closed and hidden for decades, would be a huge bonus for property buyers to use as an additional reception.

It currently houses a sofa and has a gas fire housed in a wooden frame along with a large screen TV.

Overall, the interior design of the entire house is best described as an urban minimalist. The exterior is based on a new friend’s house in Malahide. “I was impressed with the level of finish, so I emulated it as much as possible,” Andrew explained, adding that he used Elmgray’s designer Emma Power to help with the paint colors and furniture.

Entering the house through the Welsh Oak Laminated Floor Corridor, you will find the same flooring downstairs. The hall leads to the kitchen / dining area.

The kitchen is a simple design chosen by Shannon. There is a cream-colored unit with a brass knurled handle and a quartz worktop, as well as Tap and Neff appliances. Here you will find two tall stools and an expansion counter that fits the hanging light.

“The lighting fixtures reminded us of a cocktail bar, which seems ridiculous now that we gave birth to a baby,” laughs Andrew. “At this point, there are few cocktails.”

The open dining area has round wooden tables and chairs, and in the corner there are reclining yellow chairs. There is also a ladder unit that can be accessed through the door. The stairs and upstairs are carpeted with Provence gray Windsor velvet carpet and have two bedrooms.


The house has two bedrooms

The master has a private bathroom, both of which are double. The main bathroom has terrazzo swing floors and gray wall tiles. There is a hot shower rail and a matt black bathroom unit.

However, a distinguishing feature is the roof garden, which is why this house is called a perch. “We loved the roof garden, so we decided to name the house after that, it’s like a bird perch,” says Andrew.

The rooftop is exposed to the sun all day long as the house faces southwest and there is nothing overlooking it. It is designed as an outdoor room with a deck at your feet and comfortable outdoor furniture and furnishings. Glass railings protected all sides, and the couple installed many olive trees in their pots.

“No one can see you,” says Andrew. “We sometimes had parties there, and you can even sunbathe there in the summer, and it’s completely private.”

Of course, Phibsborough is near Dublin city centre. However, the inside of the house is surprisingly quiet because it is close to the North Ring Road.

Despite all the work the couple did to remodel the building in just a year and a half, what they couldn’t imagine is how their lives will change when the now one-year-old baby George arrives. It was that.

“The city life we ​​wanted to love isn’t happening now,” laughs Andrew. “When our baby came, everything changed.”

The house is not ideal for a growing baby and you will learn how to walk. Recognizing this, the couple decided to sell out and move to the suburbs.

“I want more space and a place with a garden,” says Andrew. “It’s great not to worry about having stair guards.”

In addition, Shannon decided to become a housewife, eliminating the need to be near Dublin Airport. But she and Andrew are sad to see the property run out. “We will miss it 100 percent,” says Andrew.

“But it’s great to see it used for its intended purpose. I think it’s perfect for young couples who love the city.” Owen Riley wants € 475,000 on behalf of the couple.

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