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On Wednesday, the North Troms E6 will be re-accessible after Tuesday’s floods destroyed the Badderbrua Bridge.

“Internally, we plan to do the work within a week, but it requires demanding logistics and there is a lot to do,” Gunnar Haugen of the Norwegian Public Road Authority wrote in a press release.

When the bridge collapsed, the Norwegian Public Road Authority announced that it would take two weeks to implement a temporary solution.

According to Haugen, the temporary bridge is likely to be operational on Wednesday, a little over a week after the original bridge was destroyed. On Sunday, half of the bridge was already installed.

According to the Norwegian Public Road Authority, temporary bridges have the same safety requirements as permanent bridges on the road network.

Construction of a temporary bridge over Badderen in North Troms is underway. According to the Norwegian Public Road Authority, traffic on the North Trom E6 will return to normal within the next week. Photo: States vegvesen / NTB

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