Iceland’s health minister, Wilm Toll Olson, wants to speed up plans to raise the retirement age of health workers to 75, RÚV reports. Under current regulations, civil servants cannot work beyond the age of 70. Willum states that the move is aimed at alleviating the staffing problem that plagues Iceland’s healthcare system, but more needs to be done.

Even if the rules are amended, healthcare professionals will be dismissed at the age of 70, but will be eligible to be rehired under a new employment contract until the age of 75. Willam said such employees may be subject to skill assessment.

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Health ministers hope that raising retirement age will alleviate staffing issues, but still need to make it easier for young people to access different health professionals and improve recruitment across the discipline. Said that there is.

The post plan to raise the retirement age of healthcare staff to 75 was first published in Island Review.

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