The planned battle is brewed at Charlie Chauke’s goat site in Goatstown, southern Dublin, over the operation of an outdoor cafe in a reusable shipping container and various auxiliary elements.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Chawke business installed a set of auxiliary elements to provide outdoor entertainment to pub customers, including the outdoor coffee kiosk “Box’d Coffee”, signboards, and The Goat’s large outdoor TV screen. ..

However, this initiative is a local planner, as the Dun Laoghairs Down County Council provides two plan enforcement notices for the business, and the second notice contains 10 individual items to address. It became a foul of.

The notice requires a series of measures, such as removal of on-site structures and restoration of the grass surface within 8 weeks.

One of the elements that the council requested to remove was a trailer that “looks like a mobile bar.”

Enforcement notice

Box’d Coffee will open in November 2020 and will open most days at 8am. Along with coffee, patrons can also buy croissants, flapjacks, protein balls, daily vegan options, and the Gourmand Doggie Treat.

Now, in response to the council’s two enforcement notices, Charlie Chawke’s Charjon Investments Ltd has submitted to the council a plan to normalize the situation and retain Box’d Coffee and various auxiliary elements and signs for three years, Covid- 19 Depends on the plan. A law to secure planning permits.

In the plan submission submitted to the application, Tom Phillips and Associates requested that the council’s enforcement action be postponed until a decision was made on the plan application for a retention permit.

Pandemic opening

Phillips said the Goat’s Box’d Coffee Outdoor Cafe / Kiosk first opened during the heyday of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Box’d Coffee provides an open space meeting point for the general public to meet and interact in a safe and responsible way,” Phillips told the council.

“There is no reason to believe that Box’d Coffee’s success during this period has continued to this day and should not be continued once retention planning permits have been secured,” said Phillips.

Phillips points out that goats are a long-established pub and restaurant, a 230-year period that was first licensed in 1792.

Philips said the Covid-19 pandemic remains a global issue, and many civilians are still considered at high risk of serious infections. It’s important. “

The submission states that Box’d Coffee’s success has also helped increase employment opportunities, generate revenue, and improve the safety of goat’s public open spaces.

A review of relevant statutory documents (including Covid-related laws) and equivalent facilities in a wider area told the council, “Box’d Coffee’s operations are in line with proper planning and sustainable development. Indicates that you are in the local area. “

Phillips points out that the council previously allowed the Goat site to hold a three-year plan for “Fired Up Pizza” in October 2020.

The application will be decided in August.

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