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Investigators believe they have found a network of Norwegian and Ukrainian pimps in Oslo.

About 200 Eastern European women are said to have been transferred to Norway. Police have told the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) that more than 100 people lived in Oslo’s apartments and sold sex to Norwegian men.

The women are said to have been brought across the border from Sweden, and some have been taken on foot to avoid being caught by the camera. In the spring of 2021, Cripos began monitoring its business.

The investigation has led police to what they believe is an organized crime network. According to police, a Ukrainian woman in her 50s and a Norwegian husband in her 30s are the main actors in the case. They allegedly operated brothels, advertising, contacting customers, and transporting. Women and men denied feeling guilty about trafficking, but admitted pimping.

The case also included several accomplices, including those who worked as a kind of caretaker in the apartment, those who were in charge of transporting women, those who rented space, and women who were being investigated to help pimp. I am. In Moldova. All accomplices deny criminal guilt.

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