Interpol participated in the search for the fugitive murderer Stig Millehaugen, long considered one of Norway’s most dangerous men. Nevertheless, he was allowed to leave the prison in Trondheim on Wednesday morning and did not return.

The convicted murderer Stig Millehaugen left prison on Wednesday and was filmed here. Photo: POLITIET / Interpol

All-point breaking news was soon published, and police used helicopters, electronic tracking methods, witness observations, and other means of finding Millehowgen.

He is believed to be in the Oslo region after flying from Trondheim’s Vernes Airport and arriving in the city on the Airport Express Train from Oslo’s main airport, Gardemoen. Police believe Millehaugen’s escape was planned, and state broadcaster NRK reported Thursday afternoon that he believed he knew who bought the long-established man’s ticket.

“He has shown that he has the ability, will and ability to do what he needs to escape detention,” a former police officer told NRK that using a helicopter poses a risk to the general public. He said it would be easier to reduce and catch Millehaugen.

He is believed to have been found in Oslo on Wednesday and was urged by the public to pay close attention if witnessed.

Millehaugen has had legal problems since he was young. He was involved in a bank robbery, was convicted of two murders, and was convicted of a previous jailbreak and escape attempt in prison.

Originally from Oslo, he is now 53 years old, with short white hair, blue jeans, a dark jacket, and a backpack when he was allowed to leave prison for a few hours on vacation. Interpol referred to his tat, including the Celtic and Chinese symbols, as well as the one with the words “Mittgot” on his upper right arm. staff

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