A 60-year-old mainland Chinese woman named Laos was arrested last Monday for staying in Macau for 13 years, public security police (PSP) spokesman Cheong Heon Fan said.

Chung said he had received reports of illegal car washes in his Taipa home. She was unable to provide her ID when the police confronted the suspect, but police found an uncounterfeit Macau ID card in her wallet.

Chung told police that he paid RMB 150 for a counterfeit ID in 2009 and used his passport to enter Macau.

During her stay in the city, she randomly washed her car and made money by asking the owner for MOP50-100.

After reviewing immigration records, Chung added that the suspect has been overkill, homeless, and usually sleeping under a pedestrian bridge since August 2009.

Chung added that a 35-year-old local female junior high school teacher named Fong was also arrested last week for hiring a Laotian to wash her car in Taipa.

Fong told police that he hired Laos for a monthly salary of 220 MOP to wash his car on a regular basis, but claimed he was unaware that Laos was an illegal worker staying in Macau.

Mr. Chung reported that Laos and Fong were transferred to a prosecution office, where Laos was accused of forgery of documents and illegal labor, and Fong was guilty of illegal employment, Macau Post Daily reported. ..

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