With the exception of India, the protests Derogatory Islamophobia remarks have also been reported in other South Asian countries, including Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Two people died on Saturday after Indian police cracked down on protesters who sparked over derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad by two members of the governing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Al Jazeera is a family of two teenagers (14-year-old Mudasil and 19-year-old Sahir Ansari) who have accused police of using “disproportionate forces” against protesters in Ranchi, the capital of eastern Jharkhand. Reported that death was confirmed.

The protest took place after Friday’s prayer and saw demonstrators demanding the arrest of two BJP personnel.

Similar scenes have been seen in several other cities and states, including northern Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, and the capital New Delhi.

Many remained injured after protests changed drastically in some areas. Opposition movements organized by Hindus also erupted.

The videos distributed online are also Demolition of Islam Home, according to Indian social media users.

“Insult” against Islam

While participating in a television debate earlier this month, BJP national spokesperson Nupur Sharma insulted the Prophet and his wife Aisha. Shortly thereafter, Sharma’s colleague BJP’s Delhi Media Operations Chief, Navin Kumar Jindal, wrote a deleted tweet that further insulted the Islamic Prophet.

The BJP suspended the spokeswoman Sharma and expelled another leader in response to diplomatic backlash from Islamic countries. Qatar has demanded a public apology on the front lines.

Apart from igniting protests across India and other neighboring South Asian countries, some Islamic nations have set out to summon ambassadors to show their dissatisfaction.

Since then, the Government of India has imposed restrictions such as a curfew, including mobile internet services for security measures.

Mudasil’s uncle, Shahid Ayubi, demanded accountability to the person responsible for the killing of his nephew, saying he was poorly responsive to the police situation.

“There are thousands of ways to control civilian protests, such as water cannons, rubber bullets, and air-launched balls, but they fire directly at the head and body,” he told Al Jazeera.

At lunch video What has been talked about on social media shows that police have fired at Muslims. Similarly, in Playagraj, Uttar Pradesh, an online video showed that police were beating protesters with a stick while arresting many of them.

“The lunch case has embarrassed the state. The police job is to protect, not shoot,” said Irfan Ansari, a parliamentary Muslim member who is part of the state’s ruling coalition. I am writing. Tweet On Friday.

Qatar leads diplomatic response

Qatar’s Deputy Foreign Minister Lolwah Al Khater accused BJP officials of “insulting” statements about the Prophet Muhammad.

“The discourse of Islamophobia has reached dangerous levels in a country long known for its diversity and coexistence,” Qatar officials said.

“Unless officially and systematically faced, systematic hate speech to Islam in India is considered a deliberate insult to 2 billion Islam,” she added.

Last week, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs also summoned an Indian envoy to Doha, Deepak Mittal, to deliver a letter of condemnation.and statementOfficials in the Gulf countries said they rejected comments made by officials to the Prophet.

Doha said, “In the hope of public apology and immediate condemnation of these statements from the Government of India, continuing such statements of Islamophobia without punishment constitutes a serious danger to the protection of human rights. , Pointing out that it can lead to further prejudice and alienation, which will create a cycle of violence and hatred. “

Talk to Doha NewsDr. Farhan Chak, an associate professor of political science at Qatar University, said Doha’s swift statement underscores Doha’s strong leadership role in the region.

By moving Qatar forward, we tell the whole world that we are part of the international community, we are part of the world, and we seem to have our values. [which] It may not be in line with the values ​​of others, we have all the rights to protect our values, and when those values ​​are ridiculed, their holy personality is targeted. You have all the rights to respond when you do, “Dr. Chak said.

Khaled Beydoun, Professor of Law, Wayne State University, Tweet At the time, “the indifference of Western nations to Islamophobia, combined with the silence of the Muslim majority government associated with Hindutva’s supremacy, made Narendra Modi and the BJP non-stop to 220 million Muslim citizens. It gave free reign to unleash violence. “

“Qatar has finally stood up.”

“BJP has suspended party spokesperson Nupur Sharma and expelled media director Naveen Kumar Jindal in a hatred comment on the Prophet Muhammad. Why? Qatar, one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Rebuked them. ” Beydoun I have written.

#WithQatarAgainstTheHindus as a top trend

Meanwhile, the Arabic hashtag for “WithQatar Against Hindus” has outpaced Twitter’s trend as tensions continue to grow.

Social media users were dissatisfied with social media to express their stance on the relentless persecution of Indian Muslims and the growing Islamophobia in Asian countries.

I saw the trend picture The Al Javert Twin Towers in Lusail, which made a global headline to fill the two skyscrapers with the sentence “إلارسول الله” which means “anyone but the Prophet”.

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