SINGAPORE – The incident in which a teenage girl was brutally beaten by three girls in a Sengkang parking lot on Tuesday night (16 August) was investigated by police after a video of the incident circulated on social media. It has been.

In the video, the three can be seen punching, kicking, slapping, and throwing rubber sandals at the victims who try to cover their faces to protect themselves.

Two teenage boys standing nearby do not intervene during the attack.

Police said they were alerted to the incident around 9:30 pm on Tuesday.

The trio allegedly attacked the victim in a parking structure at Block 269 Compassvale Link.

A police spokesman said: “The teenage woman suffered injuries but did not need to be rushed to hospital immediately. She was then examined by a doctor.”

Three videos of the incident were uploaded online Wednesday.

The first video, which is about a minute and a half long, shows the victim dressed in white on the floor while one of the three black-clad assailants pulls her hair and punches her three times on the top of the head. is shown.

A second perpetrator repeatedly kicks the victim in the head and throws rubber sandals at them.

In the second video, which is approximately 48 seconds long, the three can be seen showing the video to the victim on their mobile phones.

Then, after throwing an unknown liquid at her, one of them grabbed her by the hair, dragged her down to the ground, and kicked her in the chest.

The victim rushed toward one of the teenage boys dressed in red and hid behind him while the trio warned the boy to “let her go.”

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