Bermuda police defeated Hamilton Corporation with eight wickets in China’s Backyard League to achieve three consecutive victories.

Bermuda police won the toss and sent Hamilton Corporation to the bat. They bowled at 65, Charles Marshall Jr. scored the highest score at 19, and Philip Anderson was the only other double-digit Batman at 13. A pick of a Bermuda police service bowler with the numbers 2-1-2-2.

In response, Rollins started the innings, scoring 44 from 28 balls, hitting eight fours, leading the Bermuda Police Service to a 66/2 score, and Isaiah O’Brien added 14 runs. William Tartem was selected by Hamilton Corporation as a bowler with a number of 1-0-7-1.

Hamilton Corporation Inning

..05 [08] Grayson Macallan b Rohan Henry
..04 [02] William Tartem b Isaiah O’Brien
..19 [11] Charles Marshall Junior b Stephen Allen
..13 [16] Philip Anderson c & b Stephen Allen
..04 [07] Chantel Oosthuizan st Junior Warner b Andrew Rollins
..08 [10] Karen Hodgson is not out
..00 [06] Jamir Hatherley b Andrew Rollins
..00 [02] J’Nas Richards Run Out
..01 [02] Anthony Darrell c Junior Warner b Terry Lynn Painter
..11 Extra [11w]
..6511.3 Total all out after over

Wicket Fall: Wicket Fall: 1-5 [Tatem]2-9 [McCallan]3-41 [Marshall Jr]4-55 [Anderson]5-56 [Oosthuizan]6-63 [Hatherley]7-63 [Richards]8-65 [Darrell]

Bermuda Police Service Bowler

2.0-0-16-1 Isaiah O’Brien
2.0-0-11-1 Rohan Henry
3.0-0-20-1 Terry Lynn Painter
3.0-0-16-2 Stephen Allen
2.0-1-02-2 Andrew Rollins

Bermuda Police Service Inning

..44 [28] Andrew Rollins Not Out
..04 [07] Terry Lynn Painter c Philip Anderson b William Tartem .. 14 [10] Isaiah O’Brien c Graison McCallan b Chantel Oosthuizan
..01 [01] Marina JN Pierre is not out
..03 Extra [1w-1nb-1lb]
..66 7.5 Total of 2 wickets after over

Wicket fall: 1-23 [Paynter]2-52 [O’Brien]

Hamilton Corporation Bowler

2.5-0-17-0 Grayson Macallan
2.0-0-20-0 Philip Anderson
1.0-0-07-1 William Tartem
2.0-0-21-1 Chantel Oosthuizan

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