Singapore-Police warned that a new type of phishing scam has emerged by scammers who install malware on victims’ phones to steal bank credentials.

In the scam, people will receive ads for cleaning services via social messaging platforms, police added in a recommendation Tuesday (June 14).

Victims are instructed to make payments by downloading the app via the link sent.

This will only be sent after the victim decides to use the service.

However, this app is believed to contain malware. Malware is software specially designed to damage your system and gain unauthorized access.

After installing on a mobile phone, victims will be asked to make payments through legitimate banking sites using online banking information.

The app will then be able to access bank information and SMS sent to your mobile phone.

According to police, victims only became aware of the fraud when they discovered that a fraudulent transaction had been made from their bank account.

At least two victims have been preyed on by fraud, with a total loss of at least $ 2,000 this month.

Police said public members needed to download the file directly from an officially validated source to ensure that it was free of malware and viruses.

They added that all mobile phones, computers and other devices also need to have updated antivirus software and malware removal tools installed.

The device’s operating system and apps should also be updated on a regular basis.

Police said those who had information about such scams were encouraged to call their hotline at 1800-255-0000. You can also send information from the police website.

Those in need of urgent police assistance can call 999.

For more information on fraud, please visit the Scam Alert website or call the fraud prevention hotline at 1800-722-6688.

Citizens can participate in “Find Signs and Stop Crime”. Campaign on the same website by receiving the latest messages and signing up as supporters to share with family and friends.

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