Norwegians re-entered the road this summer, but the safest new highways are also in danger. The number of road fatalities has skyrocketed this year, and police and other traffic experts are worried that drivers may not be keeping an eye on the road.

Norway has recently invested heavily in road improvement and built more multi-lane highways to improve traffic safety. Nevertheless, the number of fatal accidents has skyrocketed this year. Photo:øst

By the first half of 2022, road fatalities had increased by nearly 60%, according to new statistics. Of the 63 people who died on Norwegian roads, 50 were men and more than half of the fatalities were private cars. A motorcycle accident killed an additional 14 people, three of whom were pedestrians who collided with a passing vehicle. By this week, the number of road fatalities had risen to 70 after a more serious accident from Tromso in the north to Sarpsborg in the south.

National Road Safety Organization Trygg Trafikk Keep in mind that more than 70% of fatal accidents are related to a single car or head-on collision. Police have confirmed that in addition to the use of mobile phones while driving, the use of touch screens in new, especially electric vehicles, is often involved. Drivers can be distracted by them, take their eyes off the road, and quickly lose control of the car.

Screen hazard
“If you drive 80km (about 50mph) an hour and look at the screen for 5 seconds, you’re driving 110m (330ft),” the newspaper said. Dagsavisen edit. It takes that much time to pick up the phone (illegal while driving in Norway), open it and find the text messaging app without reading a word.

Center Party Minister of Justice Emily Engel Mer has long advocated building more and safer roads in Norway and has already urged drivers to pay attention to roads and traffic while driving. I am. Others argued that it wasn’t enough, and Trygg Trafikk held a crisis meeting with the Ministry of Transport, police, the national car organization NAF, and local government authorities to launch a new campaign for drivers.

Police still set traffic controls to check for various crimes or after catching someone talking on a cell phone while driving, but have not avoided an increase in road deaths this year.Photo: Polity

The goal is to make them more aware of how dangerous it is to see all kinds of screens while driving. The driver found that he was driving with a cell phone instead of using a hands-free face steep fine, but until he turned on the windshield wiper from the navigation system, he turned on the touch screen. Must be used.It’s worried about NAF, the state highway authority Trygg Trafikk (Statens vegvesen) And the car importer himself.

New cars have many safety improvements, such as lane change warnings and sensors to keep you away from other cars, but just turning on the radio raises the necessary screen as a safety issue. I am.

“We secretly suspect they were involved in the accident,” Bård Morten Johansen of Trygg Trafikk told the newspaper. Aftenposten Just before the weekend. “Many cases of driving off the road or head-on collisions are difficult to relate to high speeds, addictions, car problems, or someone falling asleep in the car. Then it’s driving. It could be about a lack of attention to. “

Technology, good or bad
There is no document yet that the information screen of the new car is involved in the car accident, but the suspicion is so strong that with NAF Statens vegvesen Also, I am vigilant. A 2011-2015 survey showed that the driver’s lack of attention to the road ahead was behind one-third of the accident.

“We shouldn’t try to interfere with technology,” said Øyvind Rognlien Skovli of Harald a Moller, a major importer of Audi and Volkswagen in Norway. Aftenposten.. He pointed out how technology made cars safer, arguing that new road safety laws and regulations need to be fact-based, not suspicious. Drivers are also increasingly able to adjust the car screen for personal use.

Meanwhile, authorities are familiar with the new car to the driver, understand how the screen works, update as many settings as possible before driving, and beside the road if problems occur along the way. Instead of just pulling on and driving, stop to fix it. Car passengers can also help.

A safety campaign that makes drivers more aware of the danger is urgently needed and edited DagsavisenAlso, I urged the driver not to be tempted by the sound of new emails or the messages displayed on mobile phones. “Text messages are not worth dying.” Berglund

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