Portuguese authorities are investigating Chinese scammers who have deceived Portuguese and Chinese from millions of dollars and pretended to be themselves as high-ranking representatives of the United Nations.

Feng Shen, who is from Hainan and claims to be the adopted child of one of the founding generals of the People’s Republic of China, is also believed to have used the forged document to raise one of Portugal’s preferred golden visas.

“Measures have been taken to determine the content of the complaint. [against Feng Shen] And compliance with the procedures adopted in the applicable rules, “said the Foreign Border Services (SEF).

SEF has confirmed that Shen was granted in October 2018 and holds a residence permit for investment activities in effect until January 2023.

Shen uses a golden visa to pretend to be a representative of the United Nations sector, presenting herself as a “facilitator” for both countries, including real estate transactions, and receiving millions of dollars from Portuguese and Chinese citizens. I did. According to sources.

CLBrief has a close relationship with ambassadors around the world, with Shen getting a number of franchise fees from related agencies, tricking people into raising money and establishing an ambassador club in Beijing in September 2020. Insisted.

According to the Portuguese daily Novo, Shen’s criminal record contained several convictions, which were not declared in the Golden Visa application. Instead, Portuguese officials believe he presented a fake certificate from a Chinese notary who claimed to have no criminal record.

In 2000, he was allegedly convicted of illegal financing in Zunyi, Guizhou Province. In 2007 and 2008, in the same state, for illegal financing and fraudulent crimes. And in 2011 with the same crime. In Portugal, these crimes are punished with imprisonment of one year or more. Currently, the whereabouts of Feng Shen are unknown.

This incident is a source of concern in the Sino-Portuguese world of real estate and golden visa transactions.

“Portugal and China have had good diplomatic relations for a long time. This case reminds us that law enforcement agencies need to work more closely,” sources told CL Brief. ..

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