Taoiseach Micheál Martin has promised that “substantial aid” will be announced in the coming weeks to help households struggling to pay their bills, which have skyrocketed as inflation soars.

Hese will be announced on September 27 as part of a budget of 6.7 billion euros.

This year’s budget is important because it consists of two parts: the budget itself and individual packages of one-off cost-of-living measures that can total over €1.5 billion.

The measures being considered by ministers whose discussions are underway in government buildings include:

Plus 200 EUR electricity credit

The government approved a €100 electricity credit earlier this year as part of cost-of-living measures. This later he doubled to 200 euros and the taxpayer owed him 400 million euros, deducted from the electricity bill in the spring.

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan confirmed Wednesday morning that a second credit will be deducted from bills before Christmas to offset high costs.

Double payment of child allowance

Ministers are also considering doubling child benefit payments once and for all, despite criticism that power credits are a blanket measure that does not target those who are suffering the most.

The move is a big boost for parents who plan to make a one-off payment of €280 for one child and €560 for two.

The government hopes that this will be a direct support to families and that it will take place before Christmas.


Energy bills will increase, but customers are expected to receive a one-time credit as part of their next budget package.

Double payment of benefits

Treasurer Pascal Donohoe, who is responsible for managing the state’s purse strings, and Public Spending Minister Michael McGrath are also considering double payments for all welfare fees in the coming weeks.

The measure targets those on unemployment benefits who have been hit hardest by skyrocketing costs.

Ministers are considering whether double payments for national pensions, job seekers’ allowances, nursing care allowances, disability benefits, and other welfare assistance are possible. This payment is made along with the annual Christmas bonus payment paid to all social welfare beneficiaries.

A double welfare fee payment is expected to be announced along with an increase in weekly welfare payments. This can add as much as 15 euros per week.

tax relief for landlords

The state is under pressure to act as an unprecedented number of landlords continue to sell and liquidate properties at Celtic tiger-level prices within Houthi.Lack of NG. However, this continues to shrink the rental market further, meaning there are fewer properties for renters to live in.

Authorities are considering the possibility of cutting the hefty taxes that landlords pay on their rental income. However, the new tax exemption may only be available if you provide a long-term rental agreement.


Public transport fares were reduced by 20% earlier this year and are expected to stay the same or be reduced further.Photo: Gareth Chaney/Collins Photography

Tenant support

Last year’s budget bill faced criticism that it was not intended to help renters. This year, Housing Minister Dollar O’Brien is keen to implement assistance for renters. The government is considering tax credits for renters’ monthly expenses.

school support

Taoiseach also pledged to help schools facing extremely high heating costs. He hinted to reporters at Offaly yesterday that this could be additional funding from a compound grant used for daily school expenses.

“Schools need support to address the cost of energy in schools. Clearly the government will support all of that,” Martin said. “We will do everything we can in terms of the resources that we have and not exacerbate the inflation situation.”

Enterprise help

Pandemic-style payments are being sought to help businesses hit astronomical energy bills. A café with Athlone, in one month he received more than 9,000 euros in electricity bills. The minister is understood to be considering her one-time credit payment to companies for small businesses.

Public transport

Public transport fares were cut by 20% earlier this year as part of the first cost-of-living package in a move seen as a victory for the Greens. Independent.ie We understand that this reduction may be maintained or further reduced as part of our budget.

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