Current city-wide nucleic acid testing programs detect preliminary positive cases in 10-in-1 mixed samples taken at six different testing centers, and retesting is done on a single-sample basis, health officials said. I made it clear.

In the 10-in-one mixed sampling technique, the swab head is placed in the same virus storage tube during the collection process, followed by sealed transport, inactivation, and testing.

Mixed samples with negative results were excluded and no further individual tests were performed, while mixed samples with positive results are further individualized to identify individuals infected with 2019-nCoV. ..

Related samples were collected at the following NAT stations and times.

  • Kian Wu Hospital: Around 12:00 on June 19th.
  • Venetian: June 19th, around 12:30.
  • Monha Sports Center: Around 16:40 on June 19th.
  • Dom Bosco (Yuet Wah) Elementary School: June 19th, around 18:00.
  • Public Security Forces Academy: June 19th, around 19:25
  • Macau Workers Children’s School (Kindergarten Division): June 20, around 03:00

“Citizens who have been tested at the above locations and times do not have to worry, but they have properly managed their health, performed a rapid antigen test once within 2 days after sampling, and were given test results. You need to upload it to the platform. If you feel sick, visit the hospital’s emergency team for treatment, “said Pandemic Prevention Authorities.

Today, all stations have been cleaned and disinfected and are still in operation.

Approximately 34 positive cases were found today (Monday) at 9 am, of which 23 were female and 11 were male, for a total of 764 people associated with these cases under close observation.

At the same time, nearly 340,000 people have completed sample collection under mandatory tests throughout the city, and 190,800 have returned negative.

Those who have not been tested after 12:00 pm on June 21st will be assigned a yellow health code and will be taken to a location designated by the police for sampling. Officials will not be able to leave the venue until the test returns as negative.

Those who are refused the exam will be examined for 14 days at the designated venue.

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