Bermuda and Lloyd’s reinsurance / insurance market leaders joined Prime Minister and Finance Minister David Bart at a roundtable in London.

“Bermuda Insurance Company and Insurance Company Association [ABIR] A delegation from the Bermuda Business Development Agency, led by Prime Minister Bert, will visit the UK this week to hold an event scheduled for a series of meetings aimed at building relationships and stimulating further growth in the island’s financial services industry. It was held. A spokeswoman said.

“The roundtable focused on a strong partnership between the two world-leading reinsurance / insurance hubs. ABIR member companies are offering significant capacity to the Lloyds of London Syndicate, and Bermuda Many of our global reinsurance companies have a presence in the Lloyds market. In the UK, more than 8,000 people are employed by ABIR members. “

Prime Minister Bert said: “Bermuda’s international reinsurance / insurance industry is a major contributor to the domestic economy and is a brilliant example of the value of Bermuda as a leading provider of risk solutions to the world.

“The long-standing partnership between the Bermuda market and Lloyds speaks to the island’s international relevance. We look forward to interacting with industry leaders as we work to continue this productive partnership. increase.”

The delegation of Prime Minister Bert included: Sir Andrew Large, Chairman of the Bermuda Monetary Policy Council. Kevin Durant, UK representative of the Bermuda government. Brandon Sousa, Bermuda Government London Office; and Jordan Scott-Furtado, Premier Assistant.

The leadership of Lloyd’s of London was represented at a roundtable by Chairman Bruce Carnegie Brown and Chief Executive Officer John Neal.

The industry executives attending the meeting are: Stephen Katrin, Founder and CEO, Convex, Former Chairman of ABIR. Arch Insurance International, CEO, Hugh Sturgess [On Behalf of Marc Grandisson, ABIR Chair]Kathleen Riadon, Hiscox Re CEO, RenRe Syndicate Management, CEO, Hugh Brennan; Hamilton International CEO, Adriandose. Mosaic Insurance, Co-CEO, Mitch Blaser; Christian Dan Levy, Group CUO, Aspen; Aspen Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mark Croutier. Olly Reeves, Chief Risk Officer, Mosaic Insurance Group. John Huff, President and Chief Executive Officer of ABIR.

Bruce Carnegie Brown, Chairman of Lloyds, said: [re]The insurance markets, Lloyds and Bermuda, have a common interest in building a stronger insurance industry to provide insurance and risk solutions to clients around the world.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to host a premiere from Bermuda and our friends at Lloyd. We will further invest in existing partnerships by focusing on issues of mutual interest. It’s clear that there is substantial room. “

John Huff, President and Chief Executive Officer of ABIR, said: ..

“Consumers around the world benefit from the synergies between Bermuda’s leading insurers, reinsurers and the Lloyd’s of London market. The world’s largest and most complex, including climate, cyber and protection gap closure. As we seek solutions to our risks, this relevance of mutually beneficial partnerships is higher than ever. “

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