President Nicolas Maduro of the Republic of Venezuela and his accompanying delegation, QBA board members Sheikh Nawahbin Nacelle Altani and Saud Armana, with QBA members during the meeting.

Doha: The Catali Businessmen Association (QBA) visited Doha with a delegation of President Nicolas Maduro of the Republic of Venezuela and the accompanying Ministers of Tourism, Transport, Agriculture and Science and Technology. Bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields and how to support them.

From QBA, board members Sheikh Nawaf bin Nasser al-Tani and Saud al-Mana attended, and from QBA members Sheikh Faisal bin Fahad al-Tani, Nacelle al-Mana. Haider, McBourg Calfan, Sheikh Mohammed bin Nawaf and Isan Al Kyami attended the meeting. Sara Abdullah, QBA Deputy GM.

President Nicolas Maduro of the Republic of Venezuela thanked QBA members for this meeting, with the aim of developing a broader perspective that will serve the common interests of the two countries, especially in developing a prospect of joint cooperation. I emphasized that I am. Energy, economy and agriculture sectors. The President also talked about opportunities for cooperation and potential investment in tourism during the conference. He also praised Qatar’s economic prosperity. Qatar has been visited many times and will be visited every year.

During the meeting, the President talked about Venezuela and said he enjoyed many attractive incentives for investments in need of Qatar’s assistance. He showed that Venezuela has 18 national development engines, including agriculture, industry, gas and oil, tourism and telecommunications. He emphasized that the government has developed strategies to develop these engines and improve production wheels. He is working on the development of an advanced legal framework to address all potential challenges.

QBA board member Sheikh Nawaf bin Nacelle al-Tani emphasizes the importance of the relationship between Qatar and Venezuela, which began in the 1970s, and welcomes the president and accompanying delegations to discuss methods. He pointed out the importance of the visit above. We are working on cooperation between the two countries and revitalizing economic and trade relations. He also showed the interest of Qatari businessmen to learn about the investment opportunities available in Venezuela.

During the meeting, QBA members talked about Qatar’s enthusiasm for developing relations with all countries, and both sides state the current economic situation and self-sufficiency in various important sectors that Venezuela is working on. Discussed the tendency of. He also emphasized the potential for partnerships in the light of the investment incentives Qatar offers to foreign investors, stressing Venezuela’s efforts to attract FDI, and the president will announce a special law in the coming days. Did. In addition to the expected growth rate for next year, a free economic zone ranging from 10 to 15 percent will be issued.

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