Potato costs increased by 24.4%, pineapples increased by 17.6%, bread increased by 8.3%, baby food costs increased by 6.7% annually, but on a monthly basis, green pepper costs increased. did. 21.1%.

“Consumers paid 3.5% more in April than they did a year ago for baskets of goods and services included in the CPI,” according to the recently released CPI in April, “this is a record. Inflation rate since August 2012 marked the highest level ever. “

According to the report, every year, “The food sector is potato (+ 24.4%), tenderloin steak (+ 21.7%), pineapple (+ 17.6%), frozen entry (+ 12.8%), bread (+ 8.3%), baby food. (+ 6.7%). “

The report states monthly: Increased average costs of green pepper (+ 21.1%), eggs (+ 12.3%), lettuce (+ 9.1%), ice cream (+ 4.4%) and baby food (+ 2.9%) were reported. .. “

The island already has high living costs, and food prices have been the subject of much controversy these days, as well as the island’s inflation rate.

Bermuda imports most foods, and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. household food prices for the year ended April 2022 were “the largest 12 months since the end of November 1980. Increased by 10.8% due to the increase in the percentage of. “

Pew Research said: “It’s not just the United States that people are experiencing inflationary whiplash. The Pew Institute analyzed data from 44 developed countries, and found that consumer prices have been higher in almost all developed countries since the pre-pandemic era. It turns out that it has risen significantly. “

“The 2022 OECD inflation forecast is now close to 9%,” said the OECD, which includes 38 countries, including most of the world’s largest developed countries.

Although many local food prices have been reported to be rising, the latest CPI states that the average cost of wine has fallen by 4.9% each month.


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