Prime Minister and Finance Minister David Burt is leading the Bermuda delegation at Consensus 2022, hosted by CoinDesk in Austin, Texas, from today. [June 9] Until June 12th.

A government spokesperson said: Premier will also participate in the live broadcast of Community Crypto on CoinDesk TV.

“In addition to talking about engagement, Premier will also hold meetings with business leaders who are interested in joining the FinTech industry in Bermuda.

“The premiere will be attended by representatives of the Bermuda Business Development Agency. [BDA] And the Bermuda Monetary Authority [BMA] Including CEO of BDA David Heart. Mood Fahmi, Senior Fintech Advisor at BMA; Aqsa Zubair, Assistant Director at Fintech at BMA. “

Prime Minister Bert said: “Consensus 2022 means that the FinTech journey in Bermuda will go around. In 2018, in a keynote speech at Consensus, the Bermuda government announced that it would enact digital assets and business legislation in Congress the same week.

“Since the introduction of this comprehensive regulatory framework, the Bermuda fintech industry has grown and now consists of 15 digital asset companies and 7 innovative insurance companies fully licensed by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. In the last six months alone, the number of licensed digital asset companies has increased by 50%.

“Today, I conducted a media interview with RELM Insurance, a revolutionary BMA-licensed insurer, which has increased its Bermuda-based workforce from just four a year ago to thirteen. All 13 employees in Bermuda are Bermuda, showing the opportunities the industry is creating at home.

“The latest licensed company, Jewel Bank, will be issued a full banking and digital asset business license this week to provide essential banking services to digital asset companies, accelerating Fintech’s development in Bermuda. It can gain momentum and attract more companies to the pipeline. Tonight, Jewel and BDA will co-sponsor a dinner with leaders in the digital asset sector to further drive business and work to Bermuda.

“Bermuda has established a reputation for being respected for its strong and well-defined regulations, the consensus shares our leadership story, highlights the growing digital asset industry and makes Bermuda a high-quality fintech company. It’s an opportunity to advertise why it’s the jurisdiction of choice. We’re thrilled with the progress we’ve made and hearing about employment growth underpins the government’s strategy. “

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