Premier concert will be held tomorrow [June 24] At Ruth Seaton James Auditorium.

A government spokesperson said: [June 24] At Ruth Seaton James Auditorium.

“The premiere concert will start at 6 pm and will be a face-to-face event. This year’s concert will feature several artists sponsored by either the Ministry of Culture or the Bermuda Arts Council last year and will feature Bermuda. It demonstrates the government’s commitment to support the creative of the event. In addition to top singers, local dancers, poets and visual artists will be featured at the event.

“Tickets for premier concerts are still available here.

“The premiere concert, first introduced in December 1985 by then-Cultural Affairs Officer Miss Ruth E. Thomas MBE, JP, continues to be an important event in the Bermuda arts community.

“Premier concerts are just one way to showcase Bermuda’s outstanding performances and visual artists and pay homage to their efforts, sacrifices and dedication. Initially designed as a youth-focused event. However, the premiere concert has expanded to showcase Bermuda’s greatest talents, especially those that have been government-sponsored throughout the year.

“For more information on tomorrow’s event, please email culture @ or call 292-1681.”

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