Currently, Prince Kinabalu is on a cliff.

He is the third of four reserves for the 2 and 3 year old Sunday Restricted Maiden Events.

He needs two or more runners to opt out or be scratched for some reason in order to win the starting lineup position.

It’s not an ideal situation, especially for horses that seem to be in good shape to run big races.

But that’s how the game works.

So Prince Kinabalu has to wait. But, as we now know, he wasn’t playing.

Trainer David Kok, enthusiastic about keeping the galloper on his toes, sent a three-year-old kid to a trial in The Crunge yesterday morning.

He would have been happy with how the young man did his business.

It was a “mature” gallop.

The “prince” worked on the withering of leader Qaidoom.

He moved only one furlong from his house. Then it was also not an enthusiastic charge to the line.

In the saddle, Benny Woodworth held his mount together, in line with what the leader tried to do.

At a distance of 300 meters, Qaidoom appeared to be hanging and trying to steal chocolate.

However, Prince Kinabalu and Woodworth never gave up on the chase.

Woodworth asked, as if talking to his mountain, and the “prince” did what he said.

After all, it was a loose victory.

Half the length was the margin, and 60.47 seconds was the time for Polytrack 1,000m.

But he was much more fluent than that.

The Kinabalu Prince, owned by Sabah Racing Stable, has done more trials than racing.

The score is 8 trials for 3 races.

His best show in the race was the last show when he ran fourth to Major King after he started awkwardly.

Koku would agree that Prince Kinabalu is now able to really pay his maintenance costs.

Hopefully his next run will be the winner-and if he gets a place, the earliest is Sunday.

In that same trial, the next silent partner also got a lot of attention.

The silent partner on the former jockey Erasmus Aslam took some time to leave the shoot and had to use up a lot of petrol just to stay in touch.

In his honor, a 7-year-old kid reacted to some hard riding to sit third behind Qaidoom and Kinabalu Prince at the 600-meter mark.

Once in the final stretch, the old buddies didn’t give up on the chase.

He went overdrive and at the post he noseed Qaidoom for the second spot.

Silent partners have proven to be only a handful at first in the past.

On his last outing earlier this month, he really ruined it.

That day, when riding champion jockey Hakim Kamaldin, the silent partner dug into the heel and eventually did not participate in the proceedings.

Of course, Steward wasn’t impressed and sent him to start the stall test.

So he did – and they gave him a passing score.

The silent partner may have long teeth, but if he stops being delinquent in the starting stall, he can win another victory.

Turn the coin over and you have a dream of love.

He’s only three years old, but he’s knocking on the door, so he could quickly win his first win.

Liebesträume won the morning final trial in an easy way. He led whoa to go to the bridle with Won Chin Chuen.

The young man, trained by Stephen Gray, won two lengths, but as late as 62.40 seconds.

Don’t hold it against him. Liebesträ was never pushed, and Wong didn’t let him do more than he was comfortable with.

The Argentine-raised player finished second on his final expedition, and Gray has high hopes for him on his next start.

Results of yesterday’s Crunge Barrier Trial:

Trial 1
1 Letterica (V. Durick)
2 Valerie (K. A’isisuhairi)
3 Anyway (I. Saifuddin)
4 Street of Dreams (M. Zaki)
Margin and time:
NS, 1 3/4, 1/2 (1 minute 01.30 seconds)

Trial 2
1 Prince Kinabalu (B. Woodworth)
2 Silent Partner
3 Qaidoom (M. Ibrahim)
4 teardrops (duric)
5 Raffy (D. Beasley)
Margin and time:
1/2, NS, 7 3/4, 6 1/4 (1: 00.47)

Trial 3
1 Liebesträume (CC won)
2 Our Pinnacle (Durik)
3 Sabuster (Woodworth)
4 Harrisma (M. Lerner)
Margin and time:
2, 2 1/2, nk (1: 02.40)

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