this is It’s hard to ignore the influence Diana, Princess of Wales, continues to have on the fashion world. The royal, who would have turned 60 today, continues to inspire millions with her philanthropy and her distinctive personal style. Diana’s looks are so famous they have special names and stories of their own. In fact, they’re some of the most talked about outfits of all time. Each wedding dress designed by Emmanuel and Elizabeth Emmanuel stands out as a distinct pop culture moment.

Diana’s rise in the 1980s meant embracing some of the key trends of the decade. The era of big shoulder pads and shapeless suits was a fashion challenge for everyone who lived through it, but it was especially hard for royalty: the modern-day princess wore her fairies on the runways of McQueen and Givenchy. And sometimes you can experiment with bold styles. Protocols for short skirts, bare feet, and cleavage are still in place, but their enforcement was stricter in Diana’s time.

Still, she managed to develop a look that could only be felt by her. I was picky. Becoming a princess, Diana switched gears and Catherine turned to trusted designers like Walker, Anya for her Hindmarch, and Murray for her Arbeid to create exquisite custom her pieces.

The statement-making gown was Diana’s calling card. Whether she wore a gathered skirt over a Catherine Walker taffeta skirt at the gala, she and Charles. embodied the ideal of

When she was freed from royal restrictions, it speaks to Diana’s style truly blossoming. The woman who wore a Dior slip dress to the 1996 Met Gala and a bodycon turquoise Versace to the same year’s Heart Foundation Ball wore a baggy sweater It wasn’t the same shy di that was hidden. This era, full of her confidence and complete control over her destiny, was her best era.

No one knows what contribution the princess would have made to the world had her life not been cut short, but her legacy still resonates. regularly references her fashion and habit of wearing her favorite clothes over and over. I’m here. Diana’s influence on fashion lives on through these homages and

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