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Within a few years, all 55-year-olds in Norway will be able to participate in colon cancer screening. If the disease is detected early, the chances of survival are high.

Those who consent to participate will have stool samples analyzed every two years until they reach age 65. Samples will be collected at home and sent to the laboratory at Akershus University Hospital. If blood is detected above a certain level, a camera examination of the intestine, the so-called colonoscopy, is offered.

Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. About 4,500 people get colorectal cancer each year, and about 1,600 people die from the disease each year. If the disease is detected early, treatment can be started early. More than 95% of his patients survive this type of cancer, according to the Cancer Register, if treated early.

Women and men from Østfold and Vestre Viken first received their offers in May of this year. The offer will be expanded nationwide next year. In total, we cover about 70,000 people.

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