Singapore: On Tuesday (June 7th), police called for caution as phishing scams, including email and SMS from government and public service agencies, surged.

Police said at least five victims had been preyed on by these scams since the beginning of June, with total losses exceeding S $ 9,700.

Victims of such scams have warned police that they will receive emails and SMS from government and public service agencies such as the National Water Authority PUB and SP Group, or scammers impersonating government services such as Singpass. ..

These emails and SMS will entice the victim to click on the embedded link.

The victim will be notified that they have paid the invoice twice and are requesting a refund, or that Singpass has been disabled or locked for security reasons but could not be reactivated.

Clicking the link redirects the victim to a website impersonating a government or public service agency. After that, they are fooled into providing personal information, Singpass login credentials, and credit or debit card details.

Victims will only be aware of fraud when they discover fraudulent transactions made with their credit or debit cards.

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