Public transport access to Mount Esja, one of the most popular hiking spots in the Reykjavík metropolitan area, will be severely restricted from May 22nd. The bus stop at the foot of the mountain was closed to Route 57, the main route from the metropolitan area. on site. There are no concrete plans to revive the service, Strætó public transport service has been confirmed by the Iceland Review.

Reykjavik’s metropolitan area has many great walking and hiking areas, but few are easily accessible by public bus. In the past, Reykjavík residents could hop onto State Highway 57 to get to Esja from the Altun Bus Terminal. There are 11 flights a day on weekdays and 7-8 flights a day on weekends.

However, last May, the Road and Coastal Authority, which operates public buses outside the metropolitan area, decided to close the bus stop at the base of the mountain to Route 57.

“The reason for the closure is that it is often difficult for buses to turn around and re-enter the highway after driving to a stop,” a notice on Strætó’s website said.

Those wishing to reach Esja by public transport can only do so from the outskirts of Mosfellsbær. You must call in advance to order a special taxi service that is only available 3 times a day. From Reykjavik, the entire journey takes approximately 1.5 hours (20 minutes by car). The latest arrival time is 3:00 PM.

The Road and Coast Authority has yet to decide whether Route 57 will stop at Esja again this winter.

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