A Welsh fan heading to Qatar in an electric car. Photo credit: Nick Smith.

We hear from adventurers who are walking, or even cycling, from different parts of the world to Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Now a group of Welsh football fans are traveling in a different way to the host of the biggest sporting event on the planet. It’s an electric car.

A group of football fans from Wales, namely former Cardiff City footballers Scott Young, Nick Smith, Hugh Tarrflyn Walters and Walter Pennell, all from South Wales, have traveled from the Football Association to the Qatar World Cup. started the journey of 8,046 km. Yesterday, October 28, the Wales (FAW) headquarters at Vale Resort in Hensol, Vale, Glamorgan, called Morris, with the intention of arriving in Qatar in time for Wales’ first World Cup match. I ride the only electric MG4. November 21st.

Despite my doubts, I am confident that the group will be able to participate in the first match of the World Cup in three weeks’ time.

“We know most people think this is a silly plan. Gareth Bale himself sat in his car looking a little skeptical that he could actually accomplish this. rice field.”

But we have confidence in the car and we will try. We are driven by both our love of football and our passion for the positive change that electric vehicles bring to people and the planet. It will certainly be a difficult road, but we have a lot of support behind us and we can’t wait to get to Qatar and join the other fans in supporting Wales at their first World Cup in 64 years. “If Wales can defy the odds and qualify for the World Cup, we can too,” Smith told the BBC.

The first leg of the 22-day journey passes through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia before arriving in Greece.

A ferry will then transport ‘Morris the Car’ from Athens to Israel, passing through Jordan and Saudi Arabia, with the aim of arriving in Qatar on 18 November.

In total, they traveled through 19 countries before arriving at Wales’ pivotal match against the United States on 21st November.

Your driver will collect messages of support along the way and stop at football-themed landmarks along the route, including the UEFA headquarters in Geneva. Fans will also get to see the road trip as it’s being filmed for future TV shows.

Scott Young, who played for Cardiff City from 1993 to 2004, told the BBC that the idea for the ‘Electric Car to Qatar’ came from an office chat between Nathaniel Cars staff. He said he thought they would be the first Welsh fans. for the competition. Nathaniel Cars will provide his MG4 vehicle and Go Ev Cymru (a community-minded company) will support the challenge.

FAW CEO Neil Mooney said the trip represented Wales’ ‘all that’s good’ and fit with the association’s new sustainability strategy called Cymru, Wellbeing & the World He added: “We will be in touch with them daily to make sure they are on the right track to Doha and that they have found a socket.”

“I can’t wait to see them on the other side before we face the USA in our opening game on November 21st.”

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