Airbus is said to have canceled its fourth A350 aircraft contract with Qatar Airways on Tuesday.

Boeing rival Airbus told British courts that Qatar Airways had indicated that its tentative agreement to buy up to 50 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft had expired, as Reuters reported.

The agreement, signed in Washington in January, is one of several related contracts currently being filed in London between Airbus and a state-owned airline over a larger airplane.

After the airline mentioned it as part of a claim for damages to the A350 (currently worth $ 1.4 billion), Airbus requested a copy of the Boeing 737 MAX contract.

However, according to a British court document from Airbus, Qatar Airways rejected the request because Boeing’s contract had “expired.”

Qatar Airways rejected Doha News’ request to comment on the issue, while Boeing rejected a similar Reuters request.

A preliminary contract or memorandum of understanding of the type signed in January may be renewed or finalized depending on the purpose between the parties, according to Reuters sources.

However, it is usually valid only for a limited period of time.

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said last month that the airline will confirm the purchase of 25 Boeing 737 MAX10 aircraft with an additional 25 options.

Airbus withdrew from the contract to provide Qatar with a smaller A321neo aircraft as Qatar refused to accept more Airbus A350s due to controversy over damage to the painted skin of the aircraft.

Now, after Qatar has issued a tentative order for the Boeing 737 MAX, a plane that competes with the A321neo, a debate broke out as to whether the Boeing contract could be included in a UK legal dispute.

In preparation for a full trial scheduled for mid-2023, a British judge heard discussions on document disclosure on Thursday.

Airbus A350 order cancellation

Airbus is said to have canceled its fourth A350 aircraft contract with Qatar Airways in an ongoing dispute between the two aviation giants, according to three people familiar with the situation that spoke to Reuters on Tuesday. I am.

According to news sources, the contract to buy the plane will be canceled in late June, and the contract to buy the fifth and sixth planes will end by the end of this month and the second half of this year, respectively.

Recent events have led to a long-standing dispute that has shaken the aviation sector between French aircraft manufacturers and Qatar’s state-owned airlines.

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