The official poster artist talks about the inspiration behind her design.

“Reflecting Qatar’s passion for football and family” is the term used by Qatar artist Butina Almufta to describe the latest work of the region’s first FIFA World Cup.

The designer created a series of eight posters prior to the tournament. Each poster contains unique elements that show the community’s long-standing expectations for the November Grand Tournament.

The main work, released on Wednesday, depicts a traditional headdress thrown in the air by a Qatari man. This is a gesture of delight and football fever throughout the Arab world.

Graduates from Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar also created seven other posters showing the country’s love for both football and the family. She used her famous monochromatic approach to her FIFA posters, throwing a unique element into her work.

“I wanted to show each poster a celebration in Qatar and a fandom of football. The main poster depicts” Gutra “and” Egal “. [traditional headwear] Before the poster was unveiled on Wednesday at Hamad International Airport, the artist said before his debut on Wednesday.

Another poster shows two sisters cheering on their brothers and kicking the ball well in the air, highlighting how football connects the whole family.

“Art and sport have a very strong relationship. All forms of art are integrated into different parts of sport, such as music, chants, fads, costumes, etc. Athletes’ movements are another form of art. Yes, this is what I tried to reflect in the poster, “she added.

Since its announcement, this artwork has attracted football fans around the world. Many praise the artist for instilling creativity and meaning in the poster.

“I’m proud to leave my mark on this incredible milestone in the history of my country,” said a Qatari artist.

“I really hope the poster will resonate with people in Qatar, the region and around the world. I hope fans will approve this work and contribute to the overall success of the tournament.”

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