Doha: Qatar will host the 4th edition of the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) Sports Media Awards, with a ceremony scheduled for June 12th at the iconic Khalifa International Stadium.

The ceremony will be attended by sports journalists representing media organizations and institutions around the world.

Considered one of the largest World Press Awards, the Sports Media Award is the highest international admiration in the sports media industry.

The award is currently in its fourth edition and recognizes the best sports storytellers on all media platforms, from photography to video, printed matter to digital, podcasts to sports blogs.

AIPS President Gianni Merlo praised the role played by the Qatar Sports Press Commission in hosting the annual AIPS Awards Ceremony, servicing sports media around the world and serving its role and professionalism. He pointed out the importance of a strategic partnership between the two parties in enhancing integrity.

In a statement, Merlot said that Doha, the world’s sports center, is an ideal place to host the awards ceremony, especially as the capital of Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup later this year. I emphasized.

Merlo confirmed that 80 journalists from different countries attended the audience and their participation and work were selected in each of the nine categories.

Merlot also revealed that Doha will once again select the best detective journalists. She explained that Merlot said that the winners were selected by secret ballot and no one knew the winners until they were announced at the ceremony.

AIPS President also thanked Sheikh Faisalvin Ahmad Altani, Chairman of the Qatar Sports Media Commission.

Marlo also said he was the one who proposed to hold this year’s ceremony in Doha.

Therefore, he was keen to express his heartfelt gratitude to Qatar and the Qatar Sports Press Commission for hosting and preparing to host an impressive ceremony on June 12.

Based on the premise that sports are a valuable tool for education and culture, AIPS, with a network of 161 countries, aims to honor the professionals who continue to produce the most creative content in the world.

The AIPS Sport Media Awards celebrate the excellence of sports media and represent a new and exciting horizon for sports journalists around the world. The first edition of the award ceremony was held in Lausanne in January 2019.

The second edition was held in Budapest in February 2020. The third edition took place in March 2021 at an online live show at Vigevano Castle in Italy.

Recognized by the International Olympic Committee and all major federations, the International Sports Press Association (AIPS) is the leading professional institution of international sports media with more than 9,500 members worldwide.

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