Qatar will host the Middle East’s first FIFA World Cup in November.

After an unbeaten run in Austria’s friendly, Qatar’s Asian champions moved up the FIFA rankings to secure 48th place.

Topping Greece in the FIFA rankings, Qatar defeated Ghana 2-1 and drew close with Morocco and Jamaica.

The Qatari national team dominated the Qatari defense with two goals in their opening match at the Wiener Neustadt Stadium, defeating Morocco’s Yahya Jabrene and El Mahdi.

Despite a slow start, the Maroons made an inspiring effort on the Austrian field as Ariasad equalized late in the match after Pedro Miguel scored in the 11th minute of the match.

Facing Ghana’s Black Galaxy, Qatar took the lead in the first minutes of the game with forward Ahmed Allah scoring a quick goal in the second minute.

Musab Qadeer doubled the lead in the 26th minute as Qatar dominated most of the ball possession in the first half.

Ghana’s rising star Daniel Barnier tried to take the lead late in the match with a goal, but the Qatari side covered well and held on to the lead.

The team, coached by Felix Sanchez, saw an uneventful run against the Jamaican Reggae Boys as the first half ended goalless.

Jamaica’s Jordan Fletcher scored in the 70th minute, but Qatar’s Khaled Mounir scored to make the match a 1-1 draw.

The Iranian national football team also moved up in the FIFA rankings, securing 22nd place.

Qatar Ranking History

Last year, Qatar climbed back into the top 50 teams from 58th place. After a successful campaign in the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 football his Qatar national team moved up his 16th place to 42nd.

In the FIFA ranking system introduced in 1993, Qatar was ranked 54th at the time. Shortly after, Qatar dropped to his 107th place.

The young team’s all-time low was 112th in 2010, and its highest was 42nd.

Led by Brazil, the FIFA Men’s World Ranking is based purely on match results.

Next month, the Maroons prepare to face Canada, Chile, and another yet-to-be-disclosed match, so they can move up their class in the world rankings.

In less than 90 days, the Middle East will host its first World Cup, with Qatar first playing Ecuador on November 20 at the Al Bait Stadium.

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