Participants during a business lunch hosted by USQBC beside SelectUSA Investment Summit 2022.

Doha: The Qatar Business Council (USQBC) of the United States hosted a business lunch on June 29, beside the SelectUSA Investment Summit 2022. The event was attended by Fahad Ali Al-Kuwari, Senior Manager of Investor Relations, Qatar Investment Promotion Agency. (IPA Qatar).

The business lunch was moderated by Mohammed Barakat, Managing Director of USQBC and Treasurer of the Board of Directors, and attended by Scott Taylor, President of USQBC. Fahad al-Dawsari, a commercial attaché to the United States in Qatar. USQBC members and partners. Government representatives from both the United States and Qatar. And a wider business community.

Fahad Ali Al Qwali, Senior Manager of Public Relations for Investors, Qatar Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Qatar). Nasser Ali Al-Kaabi, Investor Public Relations Officer, Qatar Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Qatar). Fahad al-Dawsari, a commercial attaché to the United States in Qatar. Scott Taylor, President of USQBC. Mohammed Barakat, Managing Director of USQBC and Treasurer of the Board of Directors, attended the event.

“American investors will find Qatar a very attractive market,” said Fahad Ali al Qwali. “This country not only offers a wealth of incentives for investment, but it is also one of the best places in the world to find talent in the workforce. In fact, in 2021, the World Economic Forum was skilled. We ranked Qatar third in the world to make it easier to find the employees who did. “

“Qatar has been very focused on developing a sustainable investment ecosystem,” said Nasser Ali Alkavi, an investor spokeswoman for the Qatar Investment Promotion Agency (IPA Qatar). .. “The country has put a great deal of emphasis on developing top-notch infrastructure and incentives to ensure that foreign investors have what they need to take advantage of strong domestic markets and larger regions. . “

“Qatar is one of the most attractive investment destinations in the world,” said Fahad Al-Dosari, Qatar’s commercial attaché to the United States. “American companies are global leaders in a variety of areas, including technology, smart cities, sports, media and entertainment. How to expand exports to Qatar or establish a gateway position in Qatar? I’m looking forward to the discussion. To a wider area. “

“Qatar’s investment ecosystem continues to become even more attractive to US companies,” said Scott Taylor, President of USQBC. “Many business promotion reforms, incentives and infrastructure in this country have created a great environment for US companies not only to open up domestic markets, but also to settle in the country for access to the entire region.”

“The United States and Qatar share a thriving commercial and investment partnership,” said Mohammed Barakat, Managing Director and Board of Directors Accountant for the Qatar Business Council.

“This visit underscores the importance of building new business and investment relationships in different industries based on this success.”

Invest Qatar is a national brand that introduces Qatar as an excellent investment destination, connecting international investors with profitable business opportunities that support long-term success, national economic development and diversity across sectors and regions. Advance the goal of economic development.

Most recently, as a bystander at the Qatar Economic Forum 2022, the Investment Promotion Agency Qatar (IPA Qatar) has signed two memorandums (MoU) with US-based biodegradable absorbent manufacturers Green Boom and PricewaterhouseCoopers. did. With MoU, these major international companies can deepen their presence in Qatar, create more than 200 new jobs and attract some significant investment, development and training opportunities.

Bilateral business relations between the United States and Qatar continue to strengthen with total economic relations between them exceeding $ 200 billion as of 2019. The United States is Qatar’s largest foreign direct investor, with a total FDI of $ 110.6 billion and exports of goods to Qatar of $ 6.5 billion in 2019. Over the past five years, Qatar has imported more than $ 23 billion from the United States and now more than 850 US companies operate in Qatar.
Qatar is also an increasingly large investor in the United States, promising more than $ 45 billion in investment over the next few years, in multiple sectors such as oil and gas, financial technology, real estate, food production and hospitality. Significant investment has been made in. others.

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