For the first time in the region, described as a source of Arab pride, the adoption of documents containing blueprints to more smoothly include people in this category was achieved by Qatar...

The daily working hours of people in need of special needs have been reduced by an hour, the Civil Service Government Development Agency (CSGDB) announced on Monday.

The new law reduces the time for those in need of special assistance, allowing individuals to arrive 30 minutes after the start of their assigned official working hours and depart 30 minutes before the end of the start of the shift. ..

A person with special needs is limited to “learning or rehabilitating or earning a living in any of his or her senses, or his or her physical abilities, or his or her psychological or mental abilities. “It has been stipulated by Qatar law.

Qatar’s Comprehensive Initiatives

The announcement will be made just weeks after Qatar first adopted the “Arab Classification for Persons with Disabilities” document in the region in late June.

Qatar adopted the region’s first “Arab Classification for Persons with Disabilities” document in late June.

This treatise will be submitted to the Arab Ministerial Conference in December prior to final approval and is intended to empower people with disabilities in the region.

This article outlines a unified classification of disabilities with integrated criteria, including medical standards. It is designed to allow individuals in this category of Arab countries to enjoy more inclusion programs and policies.

As a result, more legal services, facilities, and funds are at hand for people with disabilities, enabling a smoother transition to the community.

Qatar’s Minister for Social Development and family Mariam Binto Ali bin Nasser al-Misnado, who led the conference in Doha, have classified the Arab world as leading international efforts in the field of disability care. He said it was the first region to adopt.

The newly appointed minister also emphasized Qatar’s continued efforts to harness all available resources to provide regional and global support to people with disabilities.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Al Mohannadi, Vice-Chair of the Voluntary Committee for Employment of Persons with Disabilities, said in February on Qatar TV’s Hayatna program that Gulf countries have made remarkable progress in leading a more progressive and inclusive society. Said that he had achieved. This is due to the fact that the employment rate of persons with disabilities in the Qatar government and private institutions has reached 80%.

Such developments could be further boosted by joint efforts by relevant ministries and other stakeholders, Al Mohannadi added.

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