Doha: Coach Nicolas Cordova said host Uzbekistan’s early goals disrupted Qatar’s plans during the AFC U23 Asian Cup 2022 match at Pactacol Stadium on Saturday.

The Qatar U-23 team, with five different scorers and own goals, Uzbekistan secured the top spot in Group A and lost 0-6 with plenty of time to play.

“No doubt, if you acknowledge your goal very early, it confuses your plans,” Cordova said.

“Uzbekistan is in very good condition and when we saw them we had never seen them playing at this level,” the Chileans said.

Cordoba admitted that he was surprised at Uzbekistan’s performance and took full responsibility for the biggest defeat to date in the tournament.

“They played with a long ball and had problems handling the second ball (ball). Finally, we are responsible for how they scored the goal.

“We can’t hold one player accountable. The responsibility is shared by all players. I’m responsible for what happened tonight,” said Cordova, who was in charge of the U-23 team two years ago. Told.

Backed by a large turnout at Pactacol Stadium, the 2018 champions will give an enthusiastic show to Qatar’s juniors, and Uzbekistan coach Timur Kapaze will play a major role in their victory with a strong crown of 29,000. Said that he played.

“I would like to thank all the fans who supported us today,” Capaze said.

“Of course, the supporters played a big role in our victory, but our shape and formation was also better than Qatar. We analyzed their weaknesses and took advantage of them.

“We observed Qatar games and players. We controlled the game and the players successfully accomplished their mission.

“In the first match, Turkmenistan played a very defensive match, but it was a good opportunity to play more openly against Qatar and create opportunities.”

Qatar fell to the bottom of the ranking after being defeated. They need to defeat Turkmenistan (2nd with 3 points) and hope Iran can’t beat Uzbekistan to advance to the knockout stage.

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