DOHA: Qatar Boxing Federation (QBF) president Sheikh Fahd bin Khalid Al Thani said the country has a bright future for boxing, with many young people joining the sport.

Sheikh Fahd, who was a successful professional boxer before becoming a boxing chief, said he saw many talented fighters at recent boxing events.

“We had an event in Qatara in March this year. It was my first event since I was elected president of the Qatar Boxing Federation. However, the number of club boxers who participated was really impressive.The level of boxers was good in the junior, senior and elite classes,” the QBF president said at a press conference.

He said Qatari boxers are also doing well in international competition.

“Our boxers competed in the elite men’s championship in Kuwait in July. We had Abdullah Al-Badr and Abdul Hadi Al-Mali from Qatar. Marie did well

“Then I competed in the Arab Youth Boxing Championship, a very important event on our calendar.”

Sheikh Fahd hoped to prepare a group of boxers to win accolades at major events.

“We are looking at these boxers because it is this generation that will be competing in the Asian Games in Doha in 2030. It was the key to having a starting point towards our goal of the Asian Games,” he said.

The QBF president said the federation is looking to start a boxing league in the future.

“My goal is to have a boxing league in the future. The plan is to have a league that will run for a few months, so they (boxers) will have fun even if they aren’t fighting at the international level.”

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