& Lt; p & gt; Doha: QNB emphasized in its weekly commentary on Saturday that China’s Zero-COVID policy is undermining the economy. He said the policy was very effective in curbing the first wave of the pandemic, but emphasized that it was also a headwind for the country’s GDP growth. & Lt; br / & gt; & lt; br / & gt; Banks can introduce some policies to support the economy, but these policies have not yet been able to promote growth. Insisted. & Lt; br / & gt; & lt; br / & gt; The report predicted that the combination of headwinds from the Zero-COVID policy and relatively ineffective policy stimulus would weaken China’s economic recovery. & Lt; br / & gt; & lt; br / & gt; & amp; quot; Due to these two factors, China’s GDP growth rate will remain at 4.8% in 2022 and 5.3% in 2023, a large pre-pandemic trend. It is below. & Amp; quot; According to the report. & Lt; br / & gt; & lt; br / & gt; The report states that despite the Zero Corona policy, Omicron is new in China because it is highly contagious and can exceed the protection provided by the vaccine. It points out that the infection continues to occur. As a result, authorities are engaged in “continuous surveillance.” Investigate new cases, conduct tests and track outbreaks by tracking contacts, and enforce quarantine with centralized local lockdown. Implementation of this approach involves setting up tens of thousands of screening kiosks throughout China’s cities and economic centers. This is especially noticeable in China’s two largest cities, Shanghai and Beijing, and Shenzhen. , China’s technology hub. & Lt; / p & gt; & lt; div class = & quot; read-also & quot; & gt; & lt; h5 class = & quot; title boldti & quot; & gt; Please read & lt; / h5 & gt; & lt; ul & gt; & lt; li & gt; & lt; a href = & Quot; / article / 16/07/2022 / uk-to-hold-emergency-response-meeting-ahead-of-record-heat & quot; & gt; UK will hold emergency response meeting in advance Record heat & lt; / a & gt; & lt; / li & gt; & lt; li & gt; & lt; a href = & quot; / article / 16/07/2022 / philippines-marcos-wants-to-renegotiate-loans-on-49-bln-china-backed- rail-projects & quot; & gt; Philippines Marcos want to renegotiate a $ 4.9 billion Chinese-backed rail project loan & lt; / a & gt; & lt; / li & gt; & lt; li & gt; & lt; a href = & quot; / article / 16/07 / 2022 / amir-arrives-in-jeddah-1 & quot; & gt; Amir arrives at Jedda & lt; / a & gt; & lt; / li & gt; & lt; / ul & gt; & lt; / div & gt; & lt; p & gt; & lt; br / & gt; Report According to the book, the investment in the test underscores China’s commitment to the Zero Corona policy. This is the only national approach in the world that contains highly infectious Omicron variants. The investment in the test was estimated by Goldman Sachs to cost the country $ 30 billion. & Lt; br / & gt; & lt; br / & gt; The report emphasizes that Chinese authorities are under great pressure to curb pandemics and drive economic recovery ahead of the ruling Communist Party Congress in the second half of this year. did. In fact, the report, along with the reassurance of China’s Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, reminded the public in a recent speech that the government would not allow a “hard landing.” The economy has announced measures that will not only support the struggling real estate sector, but also help end the tightening cycle that led to uncertainty and losses in China’s stock markets. & Lt; / p & gt; Source link

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