Doha: Qatar’s property sector saw QR 6.37 billion worth of transactions in the second quarter (Q2) of this year. A total of 1,203 transactions were registered in the country, according to Ministry of Justice data.

Property transactions reached their highest level in June 2022 with a total value of QR 2.83 billion, an increase in the number of property indices compared to the second quarter of 2021. In May 2022 he decreased compared to May 2021 and the total value he had was QR1.35bn. On the other hand, this year he recorded an increase in April compared to April 2021, and the total value he had was QR2.18bn.

According to the data, the real estate market index revealed in the second quarter of 2022 shows that the monetary value of deals in Doha city is highest in terms of monetary value, followed by Doha city, Al Rayyan city and Al Dayen. was lively. Reaching 2.85 billion QR, Al Rayyan Municipality ranked him second with his 18.6 billion yen transaction value. Al Daayen Municipality is his third place, with transaction value he reaches QR 831 million.

The most active municipality in the number of properties sold in Q2 2022 was Doha Municipality at 28%, followed by Al Rayyan Municipality at 26% and Al Dayen Municipality at 18%. The most active municipality in the number of properties sold in Q2 2021 was Al Daayen municipality with 26%, followed by Doha municipality and Al Rayyan municipality with 22%.

From August 14th to 18th this year, the real estate transaction volume of sales contracts registered with the Ministry of Justice Real Estate Registration Bureau reached QR 251 million. The list of properties put up for sale included vacant lots, houses, mixed-use buildings, towers, apartment complexes, apartment complexes and shops, according to a weekly bulletin issued by the bureau. Sales operations were concentrated in the municipalities of Al Rayyan, Doha, Al Daayen, Umm Salal, Al Khor, Al Dhakira, Al Wakra, Al Shamal and Al Shahaniyah. The trading volume for the period from August 7th to 14th reached 265 million QR.

According to ministry data, property transaction volume reached QR 1.6 billion in January 2022. Despite the difficult situation caused by his COVID-19 pandemic outbreak last year, the real estate sector saw more than QR 25 billion in transactions in 2021 with 5,374 transactions. . Compared to his 5,116 transactions in 2020, the number of real estate transactions in 2021 increased by 5%. Also, in the real estate sector, 2021 saw him deal worth 6.71 billion QR in 1,244 deals.

With the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar approaching, growth momentum in the country’s property sector is likely to pick up later in the year, with demand for residential units, office space and hotel rooms already starting to pick up. In their second-quarter report, Cushman and Wakefield said, “Demand for accommodation ahead of the World Cup is driving rental growth, and the demand for fan and staff accommodation for companies offering World Cup-related services has increased. Tens of thousands of apartments are reserved for both.”

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