(CNS): Opposition leader Roy McTaggart (GTE) last week asked the government about two strange choices the Ministry of Tourism made to promote the Cayman Islands. A deal with the Portsmouth Football Club in the UK and a deal with a designer handbag company in the UK. we. Dwayne Seymour (BTW) answered the question because Tourism Minister Kenneth Brian was not present at the overseas conference, and McTaggart said no business case was held for either transaction.

Solmare, in his role Parliamentary secretaryTells the opposition leader that the business case of the Portsmouth FC sponsorship deal is not complete, but costs about £ 90,000 (about CI $ 91,000 based on the latest exchange rates). In return 3 year contract Cayman will get exposure in club games from television and social media.

However, Portsmouth is now sitting just above the midtable, as the club is the first division, not the premiership team, and the season is about to end. Part of the deal includes a friendly match against the Cayman Islands national team during the off-season, and the club attracts fans from the small British seaside town of Hampshire, where about 220,000 people live, for the game. Is expected.

Meanwhile, a one-year contract Loudy Vidni Includes a US $ 37,500 payment to the leather bag maker. According to Seymour, the Cayman Islands are expected to gain “high levels of awareness and marketing support,” including supported messaging and new channels for premium VIP gifts. He also said he supported positioning the Cayman Islands as a fashion and luxury-focused lifestyle destination.

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