[Updated] Bermuda Regulatory Authority [RA] issued a public statement warning BELCO for what it said was “misleading the public”.

A spokesperson said: [‘the RA’] BELCO warns against deliberately misleading the public. ”

The RA statement claims that “BELCO’s senior representatives have carefully selected information that has been made publicly available.”

“Representatives openly stated that their plant was to burn natural gas, not what it currently burns. claimed to be the cause of

“As RA is the independent body that regulates BELCO, we feel it is essential to provide a summary of the facts.

  • 1. In December 2017, BELCO indicated to RA that the construction of the North Power Station was desperately needed. Their proposal included the design of a dual-fuel power plant that would run on either oil or liquefied natural gas. [LNG]BELCO suggested that oil would be deployed first, and IF decided that at some point in the future the country would move to liquefied natural gas. [LNG]the plant can be easily updated and switched to liquefied natural gas.
  • 2. RA requested detailed information from BELCO and based on all information received from BELCO, RA fully approved BELCO’s $118 million proposal to build NPS and its battery system. did. With no changes made to their proposal, RA expected BELCO to deliver what they promised.
  • 3. However, after obtaining permission from RA, BELCO first built the North Power Plant to optimize liquefied natural gas. This decision was made on the premise that the public and RA would readily accept liquefied natural gas for energy generation at the time.
  • 4. However, if the RA has held several public consultations on the consolidated resource plan, [IRP] There has been little support for liquefied natural gas in proposals made by BELCO and several alternative generation proposals from the public.
  • 5. RA took no position regarding the safety of natural gas in local residential areas. All claims that RA misinformed the public about the safety aspects of natural gas are false.

“RA said the problem was that the BELCO plant was configured for natural gas and is now being converted for liquid fuel, and if this is still a problem, BELCO will have technical and mechanical issues with the vendor. should be addressed and the vendor held accountable for the repair required as an urgent matter.

RA warned BELCO of making “publicly misleading statements regarding the North Power Station”, adding that “if it continues, RA will consider all available options”.

Bernews has reached out to BELCO for comment and will update as soon as possible.

6:19pm update: A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Electric Light Company Limited [‘BELCO’ or the ‘Company’] Today we commented on the Bermuda regulator’s statement [RA] Fuel for North Power Station [NPS]”

BELCO President Wayne Keynes said: Recent emissions at NPS and what we are doing to improve factory operations. During the show, BELCO explained why the new plant could not burn natural gas.The fact is that regulators [RA] 2019 Integrated Resource Plan [IRP] Didn’t like natural gas as a fuel option. Contrary to the legislative process, RA published its own version of his IRP that did not select scenarios involving natural gas.

“We never intended to mislead the public, and we do not believe we did.

“BELCO is committed to and working towards achieving net zero by 2050, leveraging wind, solar and the potential to transition from heavy oil to natural gas to create alternative and renewable Seeking energy generation We are committed to transparency and ongoing engagement in communication between the company and all stakeholders BELCO is committed to Bermuda’s clean, safe We look forward to continuing our dialogue and engagement with the community as we continue to build a sustainable renewable energy future.”


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