Race 1 (1,100M)
Work rider Karam Dixon has made a name for himself in these races, so (6) his booking at RAFIKI suggests a positive show.
Debutante (7) OLA BOMBSHELL does not have to be special to play a role from the beginning. The bet must provide a guide to her chances.
(4) WINTER’S JOIE is respected because he had an excuse last time and was able to bounce back to confirm his promise to debut.
(3) COSMIC EMPIRE and (5) PURE MAVERICK have been gelled since the last start. They may also improve to take the check home.

Race 2 (1,000M)
(2) COUNTRY TIME confirmed the improvements shown between her first and second start. At this time, I found that only one track and trip was too good. She should make further progress and can play a leading role.
(4) PALOQUEEN made its debut when it finished a half-length drift in country time. Thanks to her benefit of her that her experience, she was able to improve to turn the table.
(6) SILVER SCREEN and (1) AMANDA DUNES will be held in that form, but there is room for improvement.
(5) The Ponte Vecchio, which has shown promise, may be able to offer more with a blindfold.

Race 3 (1,200M)
(9) QUEEN OF SPARTA and (13) TYPEFACE were the second on the previous track and trip. The Queen of Sparta has improved to confirm her fourth promise of her 1,000m debut. She needs to make further progress. Typeface made a very enjoyable introduction behind an experienced rival with a solid form. She should come too and is a little liked.
(6) GIMMEAFIRST, (7) LADY OF GOLD, and (8) LOVE RULES are all the first people to pay attention to betting.

Race 4 (1,200M)
(4) INNAMORARE stayed at a distance of over 1,000m and caught the eye when he finished the runner-up behind his odds-on favorites. Benefiting from that experience, the foal should be less likely to be defeated.
Some others, including Innamorare’s well-grown and stable companions (3) GREEN FALCON and (8) MASTER JOSH, need to improve after an introductory outing.
Of all the other newcomers, (11) WILLIAM RUFUS is the most attractive and needs to be kept safe.

Race 5 (1,000M)
(4) ABSOLUTE PLEASURE was crazy about his debut, but was disappointed. There was no excuse for her, but she is in the form of redeeming herself.
(3) TIME FLIES have been raised to be useful and do not have to be special to play a leading role in their debut in what looks like a shallow maiden field.
(5) RIPASSA and (7) TURKISHKELIM are also adjusted accordingly. So be careful with your bets.
(2) The drachma was the second hit in his debut. Mares can only improve, so there is potential for income.
(1) DEMELZA can have a say if it can reproduce the same shape as before the temporary dismissal.

Race 6 (1,400M)
(5) TOTHEMOONANDBACK tried 1,400m for the first time and took a step further to drop the maiden’s tag. Despite taking on old rivals, the foal will be difficult to withstand with further improvements.
(2) A war of silence, his post-return fitter on trucks and travel, and a promising (3) path of choice can keep a two-year-old child honest and pose a threat.
(4) CAPTIVE MOON may be needed further, but it may still affect the results.

Race 7 (1,200M)
(7) WE’RE JAMMING and (8) EPSOM GIRL should fight this. Both were truck and trip winners. They are two of the only three winners in the lineup.
(12) I’m jamming when I win the beat debut of PRIMULA, but I’ve been disappointed since then.
(6) SCALINI is probably an improver.
New entrants (4) LONGPATH and (5) RASSIES WATERBOTTLE can be a threat.

Race 8 (1,600M)
(1) ACADEMIC GOLD was rewarded for the consistency of all the runs in the same contest as last time. She won’t do things her way again and a 5 point penalty will make this more difficult. But she should be competitive.
Brave front runner (3) REWRITE THE STARS works well on this track. She was fitted with a collar only in the second half of the slightly stronger race on the last track and trip. She should repeat her efforts and approach again.
(9) MAGICAL JAVA and (11) HAMMIE’S FAN are closely matched in that format. They must be respected.
You can also speak (2) RAISING QUINN, (8) PARISIENNE GIRL, and (10) IMPRESSIVE QUEEN.

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