New figures show that starting salaries for recruits to the most common ranks of the Wehrmacht exceed €30,000 a year.

Pentagon data reveal annual salaries for personnel at all levels in the Army, Air Corps and Navy, and their pay levels have come under sharp criticism.

This equates to a starting salary of €30,153 for a newly qualified 3-star privateer and its naval equivalent after 26 weeks of basic training, rising to €41,555 after seven years.

A spokesperson for the department said there was room for further income from mandatory allowances.

The Armed Forces Commission this year recommended increasing the allowance for non-commissioned officers for their first three years of service. This will increase the starting salary to €34,708 per year, including benefits.

After leaving school and completing 15 to 18 months of training, newly commissioned officers start at over €38,601, including military allowances, according to departmental data.

If the officer has already graduated upon joining, the salary starts at €42,408 per year including allowances.

“These wage rates compare very favorably with average graduate salaries across all departments,” said a department spokesperson.

As of June this year, there are 8,214 full-time members of the Resident Defense Corps, of whom 4,049, almost half, are three-star soldiers.

They are primarily engaged in frontline duties for the Army, Air Corps, and Navy.

The Wehrmacht Commission determined that “many of the comments surrounding the issue of Wehrmacht salaries do not seem to fully reflect the overall remuneration package, particularly with respect to the various benefits paid.” .

Greater transparency about the broader benefits of joining the Armed Forces should be a central feature of future recruitment campaigns.

The commission said it was satisfied that, “broadly speaking,” its average turnover rate was in line with other military organizations internationally.

Infographics by sector show benefits including tax exemption of at least EUR 15,000, such as overseas work allowance for 6 months, medical, physical therapy, pharmacy, dental care, public service pension.

in a non-commissioned officer’s pay scale provided to a non-commissioned officer ireland independenceis the salary of a sergeant, including military allowance.

Gradual increase from €45,698 to €48,365. The sergeant major’s salary rises from his €57,789 to €61,594.

A commissioned rank salary chart shows that a second lieutenant’s salary ranges from €38,000 to €42,248.

A commander’s salary is up to 83,499 euros, and a colonel’s salary is up to 113,054 euros. The highest paid staff includes Brigadier Generals at €135,955 and Chiefs of Staff at €194,029 per year.

A spokesperson said these earnings are related to the military’s “line rank”, and in many cases Air Corps and Navy personnel receive allowances for additional missions.

Professional officers such as doctors, engineers and pilots will receive higher wages, she said.

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