Two people have been released from custody following a shooting incident in Northern Iceland yesterday morning. Northeast Iceland police announced their release after questioning and said they would not issue an arrest warrant. The incident, which left two people dead and one seriously injured, shocked the small community of Blönduós.

At approximately 5:30 am on Sunday morning, police were notified that a firearm had been fired at a home in Blönduós. According to RÚV, the suspect broke into the house and shot the male and female residents. A woman died and a man was seriously injured. Police found the shooter dead at the scene.

Suspect Shooter Victim One ex-employee

RÚV sources say the couple’s son was in his room with his girlfriend at the time and attacked the alleged shooter, who was later arrested. He is now released and no arrest warrant has been issued for him. Police said there was no suspicion that a firearm was used by the attacker, and there was no suspicion that the attacker committed suicide.

The suspect is a severely injured male former employee who reportedly suffers from mental illness. Police had previously contacted him for threats with a firearm and had confiscated the firearm from him.

Resident provided trauma support

A town hall meeting was held last night for the residents of Blönduós and a support gathering was held at the Blönduós Church. The Icelandic Red Cross has sent about eight staff to the town to provide trauma assistance. Húnabyggð City Council President Guðmundur Haukur Jakobsson called on the public to stand with the people of the region during this difficult time.

“The residents of the area are devastated and are still processing the fact that this actually happened,” Gudmundur said, reading a statement written by the council on behalf of the residents. Our thoughts are with the deceased, those involved, and the relatives of those involved in this horrific event.The community is in a state of shock and everyone is trying to understand these events and the emotions that accompany them. In a small community like ours, everyone is an acquaintance, friend, and/or relative, and events like this deeply hurt the community.

A post released from custody following a shooting in North Iceland was first published in the Iceland Review.

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