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Renowned scientists from around the world tackled some of the toughest problems in complex systems incorporating artificial intelligence at the HK Tech Forum on Reliability and Safety of Intelligent Systems. The event was organized by the Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Studies, City University of Hong Kong (CityU) from 20th to 21st August. This is his second in the HK Tech Forum series, which serves as a dynamic platform for considering innovative strategies and approaches to major challenges in science and technology. At the opening ceremony on August 20th, CityU President Way Kuo warmly welcomed all participants. “We hope that all participants will be stimulated to discuss and be inspired to pursue even deeper research on the reliability and safety of intelligent systems.” Kuo, president of the HK Tech Forum series, said: “Shaping the future highlighted CityU’s efforts to educate leaders and professionals involved in “We have revitalized the university and put it at the forefront of innovation in several key areas, including biology, electrical and electronic engineering, computer science/information technology, engineering and creative media,” he added. Professor Zheng Li, deputy director and former executive director of the Institute of Quality and Reliability (IQR) at Tsinghua University, said: intelligent system. So this forum is very timely. He added that IQR has incorporated a forum into its annual conference. This is a cutting-edge event that fosters the exchange of new ideas and fosters young researchers on quality and reliability. The forum was hosted by his Professor Xie Min, Professor of Advanced Design and Systems Engineering at CityU. first day… Source link

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