Film director Paul Haggis was detained to investigate allegations of sexually assaulting a woman in Southern Italy, local prosecutors said, according to Italian media.

Canadian-born Oscar winner Hagis, 69, stayed in Italy on Tuesday for a film festival starting in Ostuni, the tourist city of Puglia, which forms the “heal” of the Italian Peninsula.

News agency LaPresse and several other Italian media have been forced by a prosecutor in the nearby city of Brindisi to have a “young foreign woman” with a “non-consensual” sexual relationship for two days. We have posted a written statement that we are investigating the allegations.

Investigators Antonio Negro and Libya Orlando said in a statement that the woman was “forced to seek medical care.”

“A woman accompanied a man in a non-consensual relationship” at Salento Airport on Sunday, a few days later, “despite (her) unstable physical and psychological conditions, she left there at dawn.” They said.

The woman formalized her complaint, quoted the situation, and was subsequently investigated for confirmation by investigators.Prosecutor

The Brindisi Public Prosecutor’s Office was closed on Sunday.

Haggis’ lawyer did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The prosecution noticed her “apparent confusion” by airport staff and police, and after the first treatment, took her to Brindisi’s police headquarters, where police officers took her to a local hospital for inspection. He said he did.

Police in the operations room at headquarters said they were not authorized to provide information about the incident, such as whether Haggis was detained at a police station or at a hotel or other accommodation.

Haggis is a director, producer and screenwriter.

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He won the Oscar in 2006 for Crash’s best original script.

The prosecutor also reportedly said the woman “formalized her complaint and then quoted the situation investigated for confirmation by the investigator.”

They did not quote her nationality or age.

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