Keeping a pet is a lifelong responsibility, and those who abandon it are considered inappropriate to keep a pet in the first place.

This was the case with a woman who allegedly abandoned her cat in a baby carriage in a parking lot on the west coast.

Facebook Page Singapore member MooPL posted on June 16th that someone had lost a pet and found it by pushing a baby carriage near her car and leaving it there.

She found a tabby cat sitting quietly inside.

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Pet at Lost Property Office in Singapore

Moo PL posted a photo of a woman pushing a baby carriage that looks like it was taken with a dashcam.

Photo: FB Screen Grab / Pet at Lost Property Office in Singapore

She also revealed in a comment that her dashcam caught a woman walking after leaving the stroller.

“I have a dog, so I can’t take my cat home. Advice / help!” Added an official.

Fortunately, the story of the cat ended with a good note as Moo PL’s relatives fell in love with the tabby cat while waiting for the animal and veterinary services to respond to the incident.

She confirmed that her relatives would adopt the cat.

“There is no doubt that she will get a good one,” Mu PL said. “I think she used to be a community cat because her ears are blocked. She’s nutritious and very comfortable for humans,” she added.

Meanwhile, others have reported the cat’s abandonment case and advised MooPL to submit a photo as evidence. / TISG

The cat is allegedly thrown into a broken carrier in the HDB lift lobby and abandoned

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